102nd Regiment (Royal Madras Fusiliers) [UK]
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102nd Regiment of Foot
(Royal Madras Fusiliers)
East India Company / United Kingdom   
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1645 [independent companies]
1742 Madras Europeans  
1766 1st Madras Europeans
redesignated on formation of 2nd Madras Europeans
1774 1st Madras European Regiment
expanded by absorbing elements of 3rd Madras Europeans:
  • 1st Battalion
  • 2nd Battalion
1799 The Madras European Regiment
reduced to single battalion
1824 expanded:
  • 1st Battalion
  • 2nd Battalion
1830 reduced to single battalion (1st absorbed 2nd)
1839 1st Madras (European) Regiment
redesignated on formation of 2nd Madras (European) Regt
1843 1st Madras (European) Fusiliers
1858.07.03 1st Madras Fusiliers
passed from HEIC to Crown control
1861.05.02 1st Royal Madras Fusiliers
1862.09.30 102nd Regiment of Foot (Royal Madras Fusiliers)
transferred to British Army
1881.07.01 united with 103rd Regiment of Foot (Royal Bombay Fusiliers) , to form The Royal Dublin Fusiliers
pip History of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, by Waterford County Museum.
pip Walking Down the Colonial Lane [Fort Museum, Fort St. George, Chennai], by Natasha Garyali (Chennai Online)
    [1st Battalion] [1742-1881]
    2nd Battalion [1774-1799]
    2nd Battalion [1824-1830]
Depot and Reserves:
  ? Depot Battalion [1856-1871]
  66th Brigade Depot at Naas [1873-1881]
Arcot, [Plassey]1, Condore2, Wandiwash, Pondicherry, Nundy Droog3, Amboyna, Ternate, Banda, Maheidpoor, Ava, Pegu, Lucknow

1. the Royal Tiger badge inscribed "Plassey".
2. awarded in error; the regiment was not present.
3. awarded with Royal Tiger badge.
Note: see also successor for belatedly awarded battle honours.

flag construction sign
Badges: construction sign
  Uniform: ?-1774: scarlet; facings: construction sign
  1774-1776: scarlet; facings: buff
  1776-1785: scarlet; facings: white
  1785-1786?: scarlet; facings: Saxon blue; lace: gold
  1786?-1799: scarlet; facings: blue
  1799-?: scarlet; facings: light blue; lace: gold
  ?-1843: scarlet; facings: white
  1843-1881: scarlet; facings: blue
1748? Strirnger Lawrence
1862.09.30 Gen. Sir Robert John Hussey Vivian, GCB
vc Victoria Crosses, by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).
Officers of the 102nd Regiment, 1873 [from Hart's Army List]
Motto: construction sign
Nicknames: construction sign
Anniversaries: construction sign
Freedoms: [none]
Marches: construction sign
Musicians: construction sign
Mascot: construction sign
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