Half Granny Square Instructions
© by Ambar E. Alcala

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Materials:  Worsted weight yarn and a size  J hook, or any other weight and hook to suit your needs.
Shell = 3 double crochet in space indicated.
Corner = Shell, chain 2, shell in Chain-2 space.


Chain 4.
Slip stitch in first chain to form a circle.

ROUND 1-  Chain 3, make 3 double crochet in the ring, chain 2, then four more double crochet. CHAIN 3 and turn.

ROUND 2- Make 3 double crochet IN BETWEEN the first and second double crochet of the previous row.  Skip three double crochet, work in your chain 2 space the following:  (Shell, chain 2, Shell), SKIP NEXT 3 double crochet, make 4 double crochet in the space BETWEEN the 3rd AND 4TH double crochet.  Chain 3 and turn.

[Add a shell right where the pen is, between the 1st and 2nd double crochet.]
ROUND 3- Make 3 double crochet in space between first and second stitches, skip 3 double crochet, make a shell in the space between double crochets, skip 3 more double crochet, and work in your Chain-2 space the following: (Shell, chain 2, Shell).  Skip next 3 double crochet, shell in space between double crochet,, skip next 3 double crochet, shell + 1 double crochet in same space.  Chain 3 and turn.

ROUND 4-  Skipping 1st double crochet, shell in space between double crochets. Work (*skip next shell, make shell in next space between shells*) until you reach the Chain-2 space, then repeat from * to * until you get to the lastshell+1 group.  Skip first 3 double crochet, then shell in between this and the last double crochet.  Skip next 3 double crochet, shell + 1 double crochet in same space.  Chain 3 and turn.
    You will now notice a pattern forming, where the beginning of each round starts with a group of 4 double crochet, and you make your familiar groups of 3 dc as in a basic granny square.  
    Continue working in established pattern until you finish the triangle you want. You can make a shawl if you use about 14 ounces of worsted weight yarn, including fringe. Or make a pretty edge to it. Anyway, you now know how to make a granny triangle! :o)

Jesus loves the little children.....

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