Publication Number: TM 5-811-14
Title: Coordinated Power Systems Protection
Distribution: Approved f or Public Release; Distribution is Unlimited
Proponent: Dept of the Army (Corps of Engineers)
Publication Date: 25 February 1991
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - General Requirements
Chapter 2 - Electrical Power System Overcurrents
Chapter 3 - Overcurrent Protective Devices
Chapter 4 - Protective Devices Coordination
Chapter 5 - Electrical System Protection Techniques
Appendix A - References
Appendix B - Typical Protective Device Settings
Appendix C - Typical Time-Current Characteristic Curves
Appendix D - Typical Device and Equipment Ratings
Appendix E - Partial Relay Device Numbers List
Appendix F - Representative Protective Device Operating Times
Appendix G - Coordination Examples
Appendix H - Computer Software Applications
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