2005 Global Marijuana March

Report from New York City

A group rallied in Lower Manhattan Saturday to call for the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.

“Cures not Wars” is urging lawmakers to allow hemp to be used with a prescription.

“If alcohol is socially acceptable, then I see no reason why marijuana can’t be,” said Audrey Silk, a Libertarian candidate for mayor, who joined the demonstration. “And medical marijuana to me is a total no-brainer. There is no reason to deny people who say it works fot them the ability to use it.”

The group is also touting the new drug ibogaine, which it says helps cure addiction.

“Basically with every other drug you take for drug addiction, like methadone, when the methadone wears off, you’re back in withdrawal,” said Dana Beal, another protestor. “When the ibogaine wears off there is no withdrawal.”

Similar demonstrations took place in nearly 200 cities around the world, including Prague, Kiev and Tel Aviv.