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As well as being the headquarters of the Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith UK, Green Lane Masjid was one of the first branches of the organisation in Great Britain.

Since its establishment in the 70’s, the Masjid has gone through numerous phases of development and progress. The building itself has become a landmark of the area and is well-known to all, with a colourful history behind the structure. Serving the Muslim community, Green Lane Masjid has developed over the years catering for all people by providing vital services and assistance. As well as a Madrasah, the Masjid houses offices for the monthly Urdu magazine, ‘Sirat-e-Mustaqeem’ and the bi-monthly English magazine ‘The Straight Path’. It also accommodates the offices for the IJB (Islamic Judiciary Board) which oversees marriage and divorce cases.

Numerous guests have visited the Masjid, including the illustrious Imams of the two holy mosques of Makkah and Madinah, as well as various Islamic scholars and local MPs.

With recent developments at the Masjid, the services being offered have increased; a recent renovation means that the Masjid accommodates more worshippers than ever; a radio broadcast system has been installed; sermons and other programs are now broadcast over the internet and much more is being planned to cater in particular for the younger Muslim community.

The aim of this website is to offer an additional service for the community, by providing up-to-date information and news about events and programmes being planned at Green Lane Masjid. We would love to hear from you should you have any suggestions and advice as to how we could further improve this site, and we hope you enjoy your visit!

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