Premiere: Sambassadeur: "Subtle Changes" [MP3/Stream]

There's nothing subtle about the changes on this new single by Swedish popsters Sambassadeur. On breezily charming songs like "Kate" or "Between the Lines" (both available on this year's exhaustive Labrador 100 compilation), the Gothenburg-based band played wistful indie pop that put a Sarah Records or C86 ramshackleness on influences like the Velvet Underground and the Go Betweens. Their latest, "Subtle Changes", cleans itself up for a more luxurious setting.

"I'm not young enough to love anymore," singer Anna Persson sighs. The galloping rhythm might not be too far from the sunny bounce of "Kate", but the swooping strings and disco hi-hats are. Plus there's the saxophone solo-- though its off-kilter honk is a reminder that Sambassadeur haven't forgotten who they are. Then again, if Sambassadeur's songs all along cloaked their heartache in deceptively sunny melodies, then a deceptively sunny arrangement seems a pretty logical next step. The group are currently in the studio with producer Mattias Glavå, who helmed Dungen's 2002 Stadsvandringar.

Could Swedish-language psych-rock be Sambassadeur's next "subtle" change?

MP3:> Sambassadeur: "Subtle Changes"
[from the "Subtle Changes" single; due 08/29/07 on Labrador]

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