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Filed under: Xbox 360  
Posted: Jun 26th 2007 by Andrew Macarthy
"I hope I'm not already broken!" - "Me too, me too..."  (Credit: TomEppy)

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water (read: power up and play your Xbox 360 after a disastrous bout with the Red Rings of Death), you may want to reconsider dipping that gaming toe.


A new fear surrounding Xbox 360 malfunctioning is beginning to surface, with a number of users of the Xbox.com general discussion board revealing a video failure problem that they're experiencing - strangely enough - all at the same time.


Symptoms of the defect include the screen blacking out, with white dots appearing all over it. Some posters also report that green shadows plague their television displays (one of the common signs of video card failure). The audio, they claim, remains unaffected. For the majority of those complaining, the incidents started while they were playing Forza Motorsport 2 - insert ominous music.


Many have tried to diagnose the root cause of the problem, focusing on the various cables attached to their consoles; but whether using high or standard-definition cables, the same worrying situation of a display blackout occurs.


Others have supposed that the problems are being caused by the hardware component layout within the Xbox 360, blaming its poor orientation as the cause of limited ventilation - and perhaps the subsequent video faults. A few also mention the possibility of an Xbox Live update glitch, which may explain the reason why these people experienced the black screen around the same time.

Is this the start of another massive hardware headache for Microsoft?

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Last Comment By tj
I just had this exact problem, while playing the screen went greenish so i turned it off and on, on restart the scre...(more)




Every week we find another thing wrong with the xbox360!! Sony and nintendo haven't have a problem so far (besides the straps on the wii remote which is easily fixed)
Posted 201 days ago by MS-rulesReply
This happened to me yesterday. I was playing a game of NHL 08 when the screen turned green and then it turned purple, eventually the screen was just black with white dots. I had my console since December 2005 too.
Posted 113 days ago by KevinReply
the exact same happened to me as mentioned by kevin. any info would be very grateful on a solution for this.
Posted 106 days ago by KrisReply
the exact same thing happened to me..i called 1-800-4MY-XBOX and talked to an agent...and since mine was some how still under warrenty they said theyll send me a box to ship it out and theyll replace it for free!! (theyll give you all the info. u need
Posted 105 days ago by EricReply
yes that is true that they will send you a new one for free if you have had it less than a year but they told me 5-7 weeks!!!!!!! RIDICULOUS!
Posted 102 days ago by AdamReply
I was playing Madden 08, and then the screen just turned green, but it never turned purple, so I kept playing. However, it would flicker on and off, so I started to get aggravated and just turned it off, and restarted it and it was fine until about 5-10 minutes later. Who knows?
Posted 99 days ago by BANKSReply
Mine went during Halo 3, it was like looking through water, i turned it off for the night. the next day I got home from work and tried it again only to find it was a black screen with horizontal dots. I call 1-800-phck-you, and told that since my unit was out of warranty it was going to cost me $99 plus tax for repairs. I was basically told that i was SOL, there was nothing that I could do, also this was the first case he had ever heard of. I am going to sell my whole system and all my games for a PS3, i am totally unsatisfied with the 360.
Posted 98 days ago by ecnReply
ecn the exact thing happend to me. I was playing halo 3 and then it was like all negative colors. so i turned it off. the next day when i turned it on again there were white dots flying all over my screen. I unpluged the video/audio cord and kept messing with it. nothing seemed to work so i shut it off. the next day it was back to normal, except for that wierd negative color thing. thats better than nothing. i shut it off. turned it on this morning and back to white dots. WTF?!?! i dont know what to do!!!
Posted 98 days ago by mepReply
ECN & MEP- same exact thing happened to me while playing Halo 3. I thing the video card in the 360 is going bad. I tried new cables and everything, nothing works. Luckily I purchased an extended warranty so I won't have to pay to have it fixed.
Posted 97 days ago by GGWReply
DANG. I thought it would be the AV jacks. Is there no hope?
Posted 95 days ago by BANKSReply
i've had mine since it came out and out of the blue, whilst playing GRAW2 the screen went fuzzy so i turned it off, messed around with the cables and t.v. and the F###ing thing was still scrolling white dots. Well and Truely P###### OFF
Posted 92 days ago by joeReply
Wow...same thing with mine during Halo 3. Screen would freeze sometimes requiring a reboot. Fired it up this morning, got into xbox live fine, then it froze. Rebooted and I got a black screen with diagonal lines on it. If I switch the AV adapter from HDTV to TV, I got horizontal lines of white dots. The audio plays fine.
Posted 90 days ago by richidReply
It has just happened to me! While playing Halo 3, color inverted suddenly and I turned it off. When I turned it on, all I got were the dotted lines over the black screen.
Posted 90 days ago by raquinoReply
Ok so I was plaing my xbox360 and I just finished playng the half life 2 andthen went to the first Halo then my screen got a green grainy haze to it and then I restarted it a plenty of sund but no screen! 4 hours later it wored for 5 mins and then te screen when gren ago and not it will not even turn on! Ihave played Halo 3 in it befrer and a lotof people who has owned halo 3 seem to be having this problem! loved my xbox360 why o why did this happen!
Posted 85 days ago by JeremihReply
I think this happened to me before but I dont remember how I fixed it, but it did the horizontal dots when I stopped playing halo 3 one day
Posted 84 days ago by NickReply
I have been looking online for Xbox360 faults of a similar nature. My screen goes green when playing online. Fault can be fixed temporarily by turning unit off and then back on. However it keeps returning. I have already sent the Xbox back once, under warranty, and they replaced the DVD drive. Now it is happening again and they want me to return the unit again. I get the feeling the support team are aware of the problem but say nothing. I thought it could be my TV, but I replaced the scart socket to no avail. Anyone got any ideas on what could be the problem?
Posted 81 days ago by GeraintReply
Mine has now broken too!was playing pro evo 6 when screen went green, returned to normal for 3days, then got the black screen with white dots "floating around". 4 days later it worked fine again, got the new pro evo, turned on xbox and that was that, 3 red lights, cd tray wont open either!tried different cable to no avail, 15working days for repair apparently... very strange problem
Posted 77 days ago by SteveReply
Yep, me too, just playing Forza 2 through the HD Cable - and it went purple, and blacked out in places too. I have only had mine 3 weeks. If I play through the 3 component Video/Audio leads it works fine! Crazy.
Posted 77 days ago by SladdinReply
Same here. It happened with NHL 08. Now on to more important questions...WHAT TO DO? Spent 4 hours on the phone with Microsoft and they refuse to fix it for free. I have had the stupid thing for 13 months! If anyone has any way to contact Microsoft about this please let us know! I'd rather put my $150 towards PS3 than give these crooks another dime!
Posted 76 days ago by JonReply
Same problem for me too, played halo 3 everything was fine, next day i turn it on and i have white dots going diagonaly across my screen.. I have been looking for a fix but i cant find one anywhere.. And microsoft wont repair my xbox because i had to take it apart to fix the 3red lights.. which i got 5 times! F**K MICROSOFT
Posted 75 days ago by GuyReply
Mine just died a few days ago. Thought it could be the cables, so I took them to GameStop to see if it worked on their system. It did. Which means the video card is fried. Drat you, Microsoft! Worst part is that right after it died, I got a call from GameStop telling me that Call of Duty 4 was ready for pickup the next day... Had mine for just over a year, bought it August 2006, so my warranty is just a couple months over. Damn it... I opened up the console as much as I could, carefully avoiding any of the tabs to indicate that I had voided any terms of service or something. In the end I decided to play it safe and not screw it up any worse. The only hope we have for getting this fixed free and fast is if this becomes a big enough problem that MS starts to repair consoles, even if they are over their warranty, like they did for the Red Ring of Death epidemic.
Posted 66 days ago by Bob BobbersonReply
Mine died about a week ago, same symptoms. I'm guessing this is unrelated to known 360 problems. I have a launch 360 that previously had no problems (won it via the Mountain Dew contest so I actually had it shortly before the official launch). Started happening to me while watching a DVD, I don't think this is game related. It's starting to sound like the next big piece of bad news for Microsoft. Like a lot people that haven't had problems, I've been thinking the 360 hardware problems have been over reported. Now, not so much...
Posted 61 days ago by EvanReply
here is the deal, I have same vid probs, I call microsoft they want 99 dollars to fix it, so I search the prob myself, seems the mother board over heats and soilder comes lose, so simple fix is this either take it apart and modify the heatsinks or just go ahead and cover your xbox up with towels and run it without the hard drive in it, let it run for 20 min and u will see the red lights flash in the front, after that unplug the video and powr supply from the back, let the xbox cool of for another 20min and reconnect all the cables and power up, bingo, worked on 3 of my xbos systems. im sure it will solve the prob. let me know how ya make out.
Posted 57 days ago by vinmanReply
omg i thought this was something new, while playing rock band, my screen on my computer monitor (vga) started displaying purple lines and i figured it was part of the whole damn concert light effects, but then when the song was over, the game had a weird green effect over it, turned it off, and started it up, and BLANK, NOTHING...yeah ms wants 99 dollars to fix this...yeah right
Posted 48 days ago by jeffReply
Ok so I just bought Ace Combat 6 and Medal of Honor: Modern Warfare earlier tonight. I got into about 3 minutes of gameplay on Ace Combat when on the first mission, some of the textures and parts of the background of the game turned blue! The game never froze or malfuntioned, besides the odd color. So I restarted my console and only this time, my T.V.(Samsung HDTV) said "Mode Not Supported". I called in on Tech. Support. He said, "Sounds like a video card issue." So now I have to ship the thing in and get it fixed. Gay Microsoft.
Posted 47 days ago by NathanReply
Same exact thing is happening to me, this is starting to look like an epidemic. I can't believe that MS is going to charge us another 100$ for video card failures just over a year old. This is nuts.
Posted 40 days ago by chadReply
This just happened to me! I can't believe it. I tried calling xbox support and get the same story about the $99 cost to fix. My question is does anyone out there think its funny that this is happening at the same time, just after a xbox live update? Maybe someone knows how to replace a video card for the darned thing. Help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted 37 days ago by NolanReply
Ye this has just happened to me after having my xbox repaired to due to the red rings, the screen tends to flicker black and white spots whilst i am playing and only gets worse if i dont turn off the console or stop the game-any solutions would be appreciated.
Posted 37 days ago by TomReply
I got the white dots last night. I bought it in Jan 07 and she said the warranty just expired in October 07. I would have inquired further but the customer service rep's english was very poor. It looks like it's $99. They won't budge on that unless you get the red rings of death. I'm thinking I may have to overheat mine somehow to induce the rings of death. Extremely disappointed, I took a chance on the Xbox 360 since the PS3 was so behind schedule. I should have stayed away. My PS2 lasted 5 years. I paid $400 for a gaming system that wasn't that great and it dies in the first year. Microsoft then charges me $99 to fix it. That's $500 for a P.O.S. console. Oh, and if you move it while a disc is in, it will grind and scratch the disc.
Posted 37 days ago by AReply
where to start with this thing!! 1st of all it started not reading disks so i phoned microsoft and they said it was my hard drive(which was no in) so i payed £60 to get it repaired wich took 27 days. after 5 days playing on it, it would not read disks again so i popped it back to the shop that repaired it and they said i was top of the list. 2 weeks later after phoning every day they said i could have a second hand one for the shop as it still was not fixed, wanting to play games i said ok, 3 weeks later the game froze when i was playing fifa 08 and then the mighty 3 red lights, so once again it was taken back to the shop this time for 19 days to repair the 3 lights and 4 days ago it went green when playing lego star wars(brand new game) so i thought a faulty game and got it replaced and when playing fifa 08 oday it went purple and now no picture. starting to think about getting a ps3 now
Posted 24 days ago by WayneReply
Happened to me about a week ago. Told me it was the video card and it would cost $99 to fix. I'm seriously considering forcing the red rings of death by intentionally overheating the damn thing rather than forking out another 100 bucks.
Posted 23 days ago by TonyReply
Ok this is bizarre. I put my 360 into a small space in my entertainment center, covered it with a fleece jacket, and turned it on. After about an hour and a half, still no red lights. So I turned it off and took it out. I turned it on about an hour later and Halo 3 started working perfectly fine...for about two minutes. Then it went back to the way it was. So the video card isn't fried, it just doesn't want to work. What the hell?!
Posted 18 days ago by TonyReply
Playing CoD4, when colors go all negative. Restarting 360 fixes it for about 3 minutes...now it is putting out no video signal at all. Curses!
Posted 17 days ago by William TangemanReply
i to have now experienced this problem with the screen going a distorded colour. then turning xbox 360 off then back on and now its just a black screen with white dots this seamed to happen after playing some of the more modern games [call of duty 4, mass effect.]that i got for christmas as it never did this before. I played the modern games on my brothers xbox 360 and he has had no problems the only thing i have done differently to him is install an update off a xbox magazine demo.i would not be supprised if the update has fried the graphics chip. if users have not installed any updates and is experiencing this problem it would rule out this suggestion. please say if you have updated your xbox 360 it could be this
Posted 14 days ago by martinReply
Has to be some business scam. I've had my 360 for just over a year, have experienced the red rings of death misfortune and got my console replaced. I just set my rig back up since Thanksgiving, when it was working perfectly, only to see an update available. Idiot me downloaded it, because it's from MICROSOFT, so it has to be good right? My gf just gave me AC6 and I tried to play the first mission and the video/everything goes out just after the briefing screen. I've also begun to notice some networking issues in Halo 2 here at home which I've never had before: i.e. slow match ups on live and trouble keeping a connection.
Posted 13 days ago by Ian McDougalReply
I've heard a lot of people theorizing that it had something to do with the update. I'm inclined to believe them, because since the towel trick actually works for a few minutes, it seems like a software problem rather than hardware. I love how Microsoft is completely ignoring this like they did with the 3RL. I'm holding out until they offer a free fix. No way am I paying $100.
Posted 11 days ago by TonyReply
I've had my 360 for just 6 months, the white dots started to appear intermittently 4 weeks ago, now it's permanent. I'm angry that M$ can sell a product to the public that is not fit for purpose.
Posted 8 days ago by AangReply
I got a professionally refurbished 360 in August of 07. It worked fine until the end of last week (early January of 08). Same problem as everybody else. No video, but has audio and no red rings. My little brother tells me the picture went orange just as he paused Cod3. Then the picture went out immediatly. Now it will only display the lines of white dots. I tried several restarts with no luck. I've never had any problems before. I bought the intercooler and kept the box in an open space, so I know that it didn't overheat. I've never hooked it up to the internet, but Halo 3 installed an update from the disk before it would let me play. If this is the same update that everybody downloaded then maybe it really is caused by the update. I'm not willing to lie about RRoD or cause it my self, so I guess I'm stuck with either waiting until M$ decides to fix this like they did the RR or I'll have to get a new box. I'd get an Elite, but I've heard that the same thing has happened to an Elite at least once already.
Posted 5 days ago by TimothyReply
I bought Assassin's Creed a few weeks ago and it made me download an update to play it. I too thought it was ok since it was from Microsoft. I kept getting a green, shadowy haze from time to time and then all of a sudden the game froze and I turned it off. Now when I turn it on, I have the same, audio is fine, no video. Any new updates on what to do?
Posted 5 days ago by MaverickReply
I just had this exact problem, while playing the screen went greenish so i turned it off and on, on restart the screen just shows a black background with white dots. I can say it's got nothing to do with updates / downloads because i haven't had any.
Posted 2 days ago by tjReply

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