Even as Paris basks in the splendour of Versailles in the eighteenth century, unknown forces are plotting in the shadows to plunge Europe's grandest capital into chaos.

D'Eon de Beaumont is a young nobleman in King Louis XV's court, but when his sister Lia - an agent of the king - turns up dead in a casket floating down the River Seine, he abandons his position and joins the king's secret police, in his bid to uncover the circumstances behind his sister's death.

With one mystery leading to another, D'Eon is drawn into the deadly world of political intrigue, forbidden alchemy, and the supernatural, where the only people he can trust are his fellow Chevaliers - as well as an unlikely ally.

As the restless soul of his murdered sister, Lia, wanders this world, she finds the perfect vessel through which she can exact her revenge - D'Eon's own body.

Production I.G teams up with Shochiku to produce a brand-new gothic mystery series, Le Chevalier D'Eon, based on an original story by novelist Tou Ubukata.

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25 Jan 2008 10:00PM (MY)
Episode No. 1
26 Jan 2008 2:00AM (MY)
Episode No. 1
28 Jan 2008 12:00PM (MY)
Episode No. 1
28 Jan 2008 10:00PM (MY)
Episode No. 2
29 Jan 2008 2:00AM (MY)
Episode No. 2
Total Episodes: 24
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