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Tell Qa Player's Map!

Well, I was reminded today that I had meant to put up a Player's Map for Tell Qa some time ago... so finally here it is! It is a PDF at ~600 kb. Enjoy!

Click here for the Tell Qa Player's Map!

Adventure Games Journal Previews!

Well, some folks seem to have trouble accessing my blog site, so I'm going to start posting previews of Adventure Games Journal #1 and Campaign Installment #1: Player's Guide to the Southern Reaches here on the website.


Adventure Games Journal

Adventure Games Publishing, publishers of Wilderlands of High Adventure™ products for the Castles & Crusades® role-playing game, is pleased to announce the October 2007 launch of a new bi-monthly print gaming magazine, Adventure Games Journal. Adventure Games Journal is dedicated to providing players and judges of role-playing games extensive materials to assist in game play, including new monsters and treasures, organizations, races, classes, locations, adventures, and other game elements to enhance and expand the role-playing game experience.

“Adventure Games Journal is all about the cool, fun stuff that players and judges want to bring to the table,” said James Mishler, President of Adventure Games Publishing and Publisher of Adventure Games Journal. “The models I used to build the Adventure Games Journal format were all from classic magazines and fanzines, which were chock-full of new and unique elements to add to your game. There’s no room for whining about ‘post-modern game theory’ in the pages of Adventure Games Journal. It’s all about playing games and having fun.”

Please go to our Products page to see more details on the Adventure Games Journal, including subscription rates and information.


our Gen Con Limited Edition Special


From Adventure Games Publishing™ under license from Judges Guild™ and Troll Lord Games™

Designed and approved for use with

Castles & Crusades™

XXXI is a special preview of what Adventure Games Publishing has to come. XXXI contains:

• The complete text of the very-well received Free RPG Day product Imperial Town of Tell Qa: Northern Bastion of the Falling Empire, including 83 locations complete with NPCs, plus details on races, cultures, military defenses, local Mycretian cells, adventure rumors, recent history, and streets and market places, and a gorgeous yet eminently useable map of the town;

• 20 entirely new and highly detailed random encounters designed specifically for use with Tell Qa;

• Complete and revised details on the Mycretians for use with the Wilderlands of High Adventure and Castles & Crusades. Designed as a major foil for the use of the Judge, the Mycretians and their lone god, Mycr, have always been among the most mysterious and interesting protagonists of the Wilderlands of High Fantasy. XXXI presents the Mycretian’s motives and methods, and three entire Mycretian sects, plus the completely revised Mycretian class along with complete details on all new Mycretian gifts;

• Descriptions of the Nguak and Liowan (Duck-folk and Lion-folk) races for Castles & Crusades;

• XXXI weighs in at 48 pages and retails at $10 plus $4 for shipping and handling (US; international customers please inquire after shipping costs).

XXXI is now available to the general public as long as supplies last. XXXI is limited to 310 copies; once sold out, it is gone forever!

Code Title MSRP Release Date
AGP 00102 XXXI $10.00 Now Available!
48-pages saddle stitched Add $4 S&H

Click here for an eight-page PDF preview of XXXI!

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