Host: Ty Treadway

Ty Treadway, Host of Crosswords

In the Beginning

Ty Treadway was born Tyrus Richard Treadway on February 11 to Richard and Mary Lou Treadway. Ty joined six older siblings, and the family resided in Trenton, New Jersey.

After high school, Ty received a scholarship for soccer and attended Rider University. He later transferred to the College of New Jersey. He graduated with an accounting degree and went on to work for the New Jersey State Legislature. During his employment as an accountant and computer systems engineer, Ty took part in bodybuilding competitions. He won the title of Mr. Natural Pennsylvania.

A Change of Scenery

Finding his job as an accountant to be “boring and depressing,” Ty says, he “had two choices: shoot myself in the face or get a new job.” He chose the latter and set out for New York to pursue a career in modeling and acting. He appeared in GQ magazine and worked in both theater and commercials.

Following his work in New York, Ty decided to trek out west to Hollywood. He appeared in television shows such as Just Shoot Me and Ally McBeal. He also co-produced and starred in the independent film Or Forever Hold Your Peace, which appeared at several film festivals.

A New Life to Live

In May of 2000, Ty headed back to New York after winning the role of Dr. Colin MacIver on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live. He enjoyed a successful year on the show until Colin became the center of a murder mystery.

During his time away from the show, Ty traveled with his girlfriend, Monica Surratt, and continued to attend film festivals and seek distribution for his film. He appeared from time to time as Nightmare Colin, up until August of 2001, when he made a return to the show as Colin’s twin brother, Dr. Troy MacIver.

Double Duty

Not only did Ty pull double duty on One Life to Live, from time to time making an appearance as Colin, but he got a second job — talk show host. Starting June 10, 2002, Ty commuted back and forth from New York to Los Angeles. He began his job as co-host on SoapNet's talk show, Soap Talk, with Lisa Rinna.

The Future

The success of Soap Talk afforded the crew a trip to Orlando, Florida, in November 2002 for the yearly soap event, Super Soap Weekend. Along with Lisa Rinna and several guests, Ty taped two shows in the MGM Studios park. During a taping of the show, Ty announced that he and Monica had gotten engaged on top of the Eiffel Tower. Ty vacated the role of Troy MacIver on August 1, 2003. He continues to explore the world of soap operas on Soap Talk. He and wife Monica have two children.

Ty is now the host of Merv Griffin’s Crosswords, launching in syndication September 10, 2007. To learn more, visit the official site of Ty Treadway.

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