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The 548th Intelligence Group operates $1-billion Distributed Ground Station-2 and Deployable Shelterized System-Film components of the Air Force Distributed Common Ground System. This includes exploitation and dissemination of near-real-time U-2, Global Hawk and Predator imagery and signals data to provide actionable, fused all-source intelligence to theater, joint/combined force and component commanders. We support six unified command operations plans.


The 548th Intelligence Group has a proud history dating back to the Second World War.

The unit was originally constituted on 20 November 1943, as the 6th Photographic Technical Squadron (PTS) and was activated on 1 December of that year at Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma. In early 1945, the unit deployed to the Pacific Theater. The 6th PTS moved forward with the Allied Campaign against Japan, and provided support from various sites to include Guadalcanal and the Philippines. After World War II, the unit remained in Japan, at Yokota Army Air Base and Showa Air Station through 1960. During this time, the unit was redesignated the 548th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron (RTS) on 7 January 1950. The 548th RTS was inactivated in March of 1960.

The unit was reactivated as the 548th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron (RTS) on 8 October 1965. It was organized at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, in support of the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF). The unit was reorganized as the 548th Reconnaissance Technical Group on 1 Oct 1967. The unit continued their mission in support of PACAF until 3 Dec 1991 when the group was inactivated.

On 1 August, 1992, the 548th Reconnaissance Technical Group was redesignated the 549th Air Intelligence Group. The 548th Air Intelligence Group was activated at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, on 27 August 1992. The group was inactivated on 1 October 1994.

On 23 October 2003, the 548th Air Intelligence Group was redesignated the 548th Intelligence Group. The 548th Intelligence Group was activated on 1 December 2003 as a part of the newly activated 480th Intelligence Wing, Langley Air Force Base, Virginia.

The 548th Intelligence Group honors include campaign streamers from World War II in the Pacific, service streamers from Korea, and 10 Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards.

The 548th Intelligence Group is comprised of the 9th Intelligence Squadron, the 13th Intelligence Squadron, and the 48th Intelligence Squadron, all at Beale Air Force Base, in addition to the 152nd Intelligence Squadron, Nevada Air National Guard, Reno, Nevada.

9th Intelligence Squadron

The 9th Intelligence Squadron was activated by Special Order GB-18 dated 1 June 1992 as the 9th Intelligence Support Squadron. It was assigned to the 9th Operations Group (Air Combat Command). It succeeded the 9th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron, which was inactivated after a long and illustrious history (1 May 1949 to 19 Sep 1991).

The Air Force activated the 9th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron at Beale AFB in June of 1966. The 9 Reconnaissance Technical Squadron programmed the flight track and specialized cameras on the onboard computer system of the SR-71 Blackbird; it processed the film taken from the U-2 and SR-71 when it returned; and then analyzed and interpreted the imagery.

The 9th Intelligence Squadron has participated in Operations IRAQI FREEDOM, ENDURING FREEDOM, and SOUTHERN WATCH in recent years. The unit developed over 325 miles of film and produced over 3500 imagery products in support of these operations. The search area covered by these missions was greater than 20 million square miles.

For more information, please contact 9 RW/9 IS, 5801 C St., Suite 200, Beale AFB, CA 95903; telephone: (530) 634-3173, DSN 368-3173.

13th Intelligence Squadron

The 13th Intelligence Squadron was activated at Beale Air Force Base on 29 September 1994. The lineage of the 13th IS includes the 13th Photographic Technical Unit and the 13th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron. The unit history includes support to US and Allied operations in the European Theater during World War II and operations in Vietnam.

The 13th Intelligence Squadron's mission is to support Global Engagement by providing all-source, fused, near-real-time intelligence to Air Force, joint/combined task force, and unified command commanders worldwide to meet Air Force, theater and national objectives.

Recent operations conducted by the 13th IS include Operations IRAQI FREEDOM, ENDURING FREEDOM, and SOUTHERN WATCH. The 13th IS has conducted over 700 U-2, RQ-1, and RQ-4 intelligence collection missions since September 11, 2001 in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

For more information, please contact 9 RW/13 IS, C St., Bldg. 2145, Beale AFB, CA 95903; telephone: (530) 634-4102, DSN 368-4102.

48th Intelligence Squadron

The 48th Intelligence Squadron is tasked with an all in-garrison and deployed logistics sustainment, planning and programming for the Distributed Ground Station-2 (DGS-2) exploitation arm for U-2, Global Hawk and Predator UAV vehicles and national assets. The unit serves as the integrating force for the ground station, coordinating major intelligence operations, communications, maintenance, plans and programs. The 48th IS also ensures DGS-2 readiness for worldwide contingency deployments and represents DGS-2 at national, joint and departmental forums that plan and program airborne reconnaissance operations.

For more information, please contact 548 IG/48 IS, 5793 C St., Beale AFB, CA 95903; telephone: (530) 634-4196, DSN 368-4196.

152nd Intelligence Squadron

The 152nd Intelligence Squadron was activated on 6 June 1994 and is located at Reno-Cannon IAP, Reno, NV. The squadron was formed by combining personnel from the Sensors Maintenance Section of the 152nd Avionics Branch into the Photo Processing and Interpretation Facility of the 192nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron to provide dedicated support to the collection, exploitation, and dissemination of the unit's newly acquired RC-130E Pacer Coin mission.

Following the attacks of 11 September 2001, the squadron was alerted for a yearlong activation in support of Operation NOBLE EAGLE. 152nd IS personnel deployed to Beale and a forward-operating location to support Global Hawk missions in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. During Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, the unit continued its support to Global Hawk operations, this time from Reno. The squadron was deactivated on 29 October 2003 at the end of two years of high-intensity activity as the lead squadron for Global Hawk Exploitation, Production and Dissemination.

234th Intelligence Squadron

The 234th Intelligence Squadron is located in Northern California close to Sacramento. The 234th is dedicated to provide intelligence activities and functions including developing, evaluating, and providing intelligence information to Federal and State agencies. Our unit consists of highly trained professionals that give one weekend a month and two weeks, or more, a year to protect our nation.

For questions on current job opportunities at the 234th Intelligence Squadron, please call: 1-800-295-3930 (toll free) or (916) 569-2253, DSN 839-2253.

For all other inquiries, please please contact the 234th Intelligence Squadron at 5801 C St., Beale AFB, CA 95903; telephone: (530) 630-2497, DSN 368-2497.

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