By Logan Lee

Chevy has actually released four, that's right count 'em, FOUR albums. Being the biggest Chevy Chase fan alive (I may be the only person in the world who's seen "Modern Problems" three times) I have all of them on LP and CD (only three are available on CD).

Chevy's first album was a self titled release from the band Chamaeleon Church in 1968. The music, which sounds like it was mixed in a bathroom, is typical of the drug crazed era. Chevy plays the drums and keyboards. I managed to buy the LP NEW (VERY rare!) off eBay. The CD, if you don't mind waiting two to three months, can be bought here.

His second album, 1973's very funny soundtrack, "National Lampoon's Lemmings," was based off of the off-Broadway play of the same name. Chevy was in the original cast and on the album he sings "Colorado." You can actually buy a VHS "bootleg looking" official copy of the ENTIRE live show from I doubt we'll ever see it on DVD. Like most of Chevy's albums, the record version, which has more artwork and inserts, is long out of print. I found my copy at a yard sale. You can buy the CD (which actually sounds like the record) here.

Chevy's third album, and the only big seller of the four, was a record called "Saturday Night Live." This is fun to listen to as it features many of Chevy's greatest moments on SNL including the much loved tribute song "Chevy's Girl's," which is worth the price of searching many years for it alone. I bought the LP at a used record store and I usually see them there often. There are a bunch of copies around as it was a big seller when it was first released. You can buy the CD (it's CHEAP!) and even listen to some Chevy sounds(!) here.

Last, but certainly not least, there was simply "Chevy Chase" in 1983. This album is hard to explain. It's easy to see that most of the sound came from Chevy's early days in Chamaeleon Church. Most of them are parodies that Chevy wrote of famous songs of them time. Some are funny, but most, sadly, are just plain BAD.

I don't blame Chevy for this because, as he later mentioned in a 1983 interview with Rolling Stone, Arista didn't care to mix it right and spent NO time promoting it. This could of been a masterpiece and made Chevy a musical star. I bought the LP off of eBay new. That's the only place I've ever seen them. I'm told only 5000 were made. It never made it to CD and I doubt it ever will.

There are also a few National Lampoon CD's (and lots more old records) that feature everything from stuff Chevy wrote to words of wisdom from "Dr. Chevy Chase" and Chevy "hosting" the 1973 Miss America Pageant.

Oh, and for the record, NEVER compare Chevy to Thom Yorke again (see updates 8/12/02 -Ed). Chevy is a GOD while Thom Yorke is a moody little shrimp man that Chevy would "accidentally" back over with his car.