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- About the Trustees -

Mr Terence R Lubbock

Terry is the Trust’s Founder. Father of Stuart, who was living with him until his son’s tragic death at around 5.00am on the morning of Saturday, 31 March, he had pursued a relentless campaign for the truth to come out and for justice for his son Stuart. He believes this is one of Essex Police Force’s major unsolved crimes, yet Essex Police doesn’t even mention the case on its current website. He believes one or two persons at the ‘party’ at Michael Barrymore’s house caused the horrific injuries to his son. He does not believe that Michael Barrymore was one of them, but believes that Michael Barrymore knows the truth and is covering it up

Terence Lubbock says of The Lubbock Trust: “Welcome to our website. I won’t rest until the truth about Stuart’s death comes out. And neither for that matter will Michael Barrymore, who knows the truth, and neither will the individual or individuals who committed those terrible injuries on Stuart at about 5.00am on 31 March 2001. If you’re visiting this site for the first time, please send us a message of support, let us know if you can help in any way at all - or if you are able - please send us a donation to help us with our legal and other expenses”. 

Mr Harry E Cichy

Harry is the Trust’s Chairman. Harry Cichy has been much in demand for his services since heading the amazing and successful campaign against Hoover after they failed to deliver on a promise for free holidays to the U.S.A. if you bought one of their products. Hoover tried every trick in the book to destroy Harry Cichy’s campaign but he survived them all and went on to help Hoover victim Mr Sandy Jack to help set a legal precedent on these types of promotions in the case of Hoover -v- Jack at Kirkcaldy Sheriffs Court in 1993.


Documentary has been done, BBC part of The Trouble At The Top Series, May 13 2004. BBC News, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/3704669
"One Day a Judge  would phone up next day a professor, the next minute it was a pig farmer from Gloucester."

The Guardian Newspaper award was for 1994 for me not the group for bringing the first 50 cases to Court at St Helens. 14 cases picked out and taken as a trial Bundle.

Press Association article:

Taken from a "Class of their Own", "In 1997 Maytag filled a SEC listing of a statement by Harry Cichy, in The Washington Post, stating the numbers of applicants that may be owed flights. Maytag set aside a large amount of monies for for liabilities of the Hoover flight promotion.
When Maytag sold Hoover it was established that a reserve fund to cover future liabilities from the free flights case was in place.

The comments by Harry In the Washington Post by AP then went into the SEC flings listed by Maytag.

Harry was told not to MESS with the Corporation.




Caroline Marshal writing in PI magazine on me & the group "Maytag Feels The Heat"

The Right for compensation won.

Hoover Breach of Contract Law Book 1995 re: 1570, Breach of contract offer of airline Tickets - for carriage or holiday - whether general damages available.

In a Times article it was said that Harry Cichy Doggedly pursued Hoover.




The precedent was set at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court House Fife Scotland under George A Jack.
aka Sandy.

Funny enough it was on the Royal Mail recorded delivery letter sent to Hoover, it was made clear by the Judge that the letter was proof that Hoover has got his application.

Later on I discovered that Hoover had sent out some 30,000 letters to try and get applicants out of their promised flights by sending them out over the Christmas period, they were posted late on Christmas eve the applicant was told to reply to get their tickets by the 5 January an impossible task as many had not received them until the 7 January.



Thousands of disappointed Hoover customers benefited from the campaign. Hoover settled after 50 court cases against Hoover were launched in St. Helens by Harry and other members of the campaign team, which received a Guardian award in 1994 for its successful campaigning.

Over 200,000 ‘free flight’ customers got compensation in the end. What became known as ‘The Hoover Free Flight Fiasco cost Hoover over £48 million. The word at the top in Hoover was “It might have been better to talk to Harry”.

He is currently making a documentary film for T.V. to mark the 10th anniversary of his successful campaign. In 2003, Harry was flown out by the BBC to film a programme for the BBC’s ‘Trouble at The Top’ series, produced by Angela Chan. The BBC took Harry back to Newton, Iowa, home of Hoover to do a reprise of his visit to the Hoover Annual General meeting in 1994, when the company tried every means to stop Harry and the pressure group.

Harry says of the Lubbock Trust: “There is much we can learn from the events surrounding Stuart’s death. The danger of alcohol and drugs is just one aspect. Official incompetence and corruption are on the increase. The Lubbock Trust intends to help others who may also be the victims of professional incompetence and corruption’.

Mr Anthony (Tony) J S Bennett

Tony is the Trust’s Secretary. He brings to The Lubbock Trust a string of campaigning successes.

In his twenties, he ran a successful campaign to reduce tenants’rents in properties run by Rachman-type landlords in Nottingham. During the campaign, he narrowly missed an early death when a Polish Rachman-style landlord lay in wait for him with an axe when he was due to visit a house in multiple occupation to help the tenants to make claims for fair rents. Fortunately for Tony couldn’t keep the appointment as his car broke down on the way. He later ran successful ‘fair rent’ campaigns in Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire and forced landlords to improve delapidated property using Public Health legislation on ‘statutory nuisances’. In May 1976 Tony topped the poll in elections to North East Derbyshire District and Hasland Parish Councils.

In the 19080’s, Tony ran several highly successful benefit take-up campaigns in his capacity as Harlow Council’s Principal Welfare Rights Adviser. One national campaign - helping thousands of disabled and elderly people to claim tens of millions of pounds due to them – was so successful that questions were asked in the House of Commons by Conservative MPs.  His other successes included getting equal pay for 10 members at the Sandemans Sherry Company in Harlow (headlined in the press as ‘Victory for 10 women bottlers’, winning the case of part-time worker Jeannette Jenkins, which broke new ground for part-time women when the European Court awarded her equal hourly pay to men, and securing a five-figure payout to a union man who was the victim of trade union bullying in a NATSOPA print chapel.  He brought a case in the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of a parent whose child was wrongly made the subject of an adoption order through defects in chid care law. The case succeeded in 1987 with the parent being awarded a five-figure sum in compensation.

Tony also wrote ‘Your Chid and Social Services: A Guide to Your Rights’, a handbook for parents and advisers on child care law, now in its 6th edition, and as a committee member of the Family Rights Group in the 1980s he helped the campaign to change chid care law which resulted in the Children Act 1989.

Qualified both as a social worker and a solicitor, Tony has more recently campaigned successfully on a number of European issues. He was the solicitor who first helped greengrocer Steve Thoburn to defend the criminal prosecution against him for selling a pound of bananas, contrary to the European Directive which said he must sell only in metric. As Secretary of Active Resistance to Metrication he has spearheaded a campaign to expose the illegal actions of many Councils, who were wrongly erecting  road signs in metric, contrary to the Traffic Signs Regulations which specify that distances and dimensions on road signs must be in British measurements. Yet another successful campaign was the one he ran with Leeds Businessman Peter Rogers against another daft E.U. proposal - to make it compulsory to sport the E.U. flag on all new car number plates. A vigorous campaign ended up sucsesfully in Septembe r2002 when the government changed the proposal at the last minute so as to allow national flags like the Union Jack, Cross of St. George, Scottish Saltire or Welsh Dragon to be displayed instead. Three years ago, he and others were the first to mount a serious campaign against the European Constitution when they formed CREC - the Campaign for a Referendum on the European Constitution www.european-referendum.org.uk.    CREC organised the ‘Postcards to the Queen’ campaign which led to nearly 200,000 people writing to the Queen petitioning for a referendum on the European Constitution. The government yielded to the demands of this and other similar campaigns in May 2004.

Tony says of The Lubbock Trust: “Stuart was almost certainly killed by one or more males at Michael Barrymore’s mansion in a cruel and sadistic manner. The Police made a number of errors in their investigation  and the first pathologist who carried out the post-mortem, Dr M J Heath, also made basic errors and is no longer doing any Police pathology work after his competence was questioned in a number of high-profile cases. I want those who visit this website to help us in every possible way to uncover the truth”.    

Tony is currently a self-employed Rights Adviser specialising in representing people at social security, medical and employment tribunals and advises on speed camera and parking fine cases.