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We have amended this page (July 2007) in the light of comments by Terry Lubbock, and in the light of a single complaint to our servers, NetPivotal, that some of the contents on this site were ‘homophobic’.
In addition, on 10 July, I received a complaint from Detective Sergeant Marina Ericson, Manager of the Essex Police Western Division Domestic Violence and Hate Crime Unit, alleging that material on the site may amount to a ‘homophobic hate crime’.
On 13 July 2007, I issued to the media the following statement about the matter:

13 July 2007
A complaint that part of The Lubbock Trust website is homophobic

On the afternoon of 10 July this year I received a call from Detective Sergeant Marina Ericson of the Essex Police Western Division Domestic Violence and Hate Crimes Unit, telling me that a complaint had been made about what were said to be ‘homophobic’ comments on The Lubbock Trust website. She said that I was under investigation for committing a ‘hate crime’, whatever that is. In relation to this matter, the following facts are relevant:

1. The Lubbock Trust website was set up in June 2006 and paid for by The Trust. The contents, including a page with comments about homosexual activities, were agreed by all members of The Trust. All Trust members were aware of the content of the entire site and approved them.

2. The reason this information was included at all on the website was very simple. What we say was the murder of Stuart Lubbock took place at the home of Michael Barrymore, who at the time lived with a homosexual lover and partner, Jonathan Kenney. Both men were at the so-called ‘party’ where Stuart Lubbock met his death. Both men were highly promiscuous homosexuals who were also regular drug abusers, and The Lubbock Trust has always said that their lifestyle was highly relevant to Stuart’s death.

3. Further, all four pathologists in the case found that Stuart had suffered ‘severe’ anal injuries which were consistent with the violent insertion of a fist or other hard object. The [other adjectives deleted] dangerous practice of ‘Fisting’ is practised by a surprisingly large proportion of homosexuals, and we decided therefore to include a brief explanation of the practice for those who were unaware of it.

4. Due to concerns expressed by Lubbock Trust Chairman Harry Cichy that some of the material might be seen as ‘homophobic’, some of that page was removed during recent months.

5. The Trust having been wound up on 22 June, neither Terry Lubbock nor Mr Cichy now have any control over the contents of the website. I am now responsible for the ongoing content of the site, as the owner of the domain name. It is my intention to retain much of the information about the death of Stuart Lubbock and at the same time use the site - together with others - to campaign for improvements to the way the police and coroners’ inquests carry out their work of enquiring into suspicious deaths. It will also highlight stories of how other families, who have been trying to find out the truth of what really happened when a family member died suddenly, have encountered incompetence, cover-ups and corruption.

6. A new Trust, the Alec Barrett Trust (see more about Alec below), has been set up today, and will have as its stated objects:


1. The Trust will aim to educate the public about the following issues:

a) the difficulties faced by relatives who have lost a loved one due to a sudden or unexplained death in getting at the truth from the police, the inquest, and from other authorities involved in investigating the death
b) the need for reform of the Coroner’s Inquest system
c) the need for the legal system to be reformed to give families a fair opportunity to be properly represented at an inquest.

Tony Bennett – 13 July 2007       01279 635789

This pages may not make very pleasant reading. But then, to be frank, what active homosexuals do to each other, or with each other, never makes pleasant reading.

Death of Stuart Lubbock

We believe that 4, possibly 5 of the male 'party-goers' on the night that Stuart Lubbock died were active homosexuals.

Michael Barrymore, the owner of the mansion where Stuart Lubbock died, was known to be a highly active homosexual - and there are two chapters documenting his descent into his addictions to drink and drugs abuse and homosexual activity in my book: ‘NOT AWIGHT’.

Jonathan Kenney, at that time his lover and partner, was – and still is - a 'drag queen' in Blackpool. Details of the blazing row he and Michael Barrymore had on the night Stuart died – and the very significant lead-up to that row - are given in later chapters of ‘NOT AWIGHT’.

The semen of several males was found on a variety of bedding at Michael Barrymore's home when the Police took it away for forensic evidence.

One possible cause of the horrific injuries which may have caused Stuart Lubbock’s death was that Stuart may have had a male fist inserted forcefully into his anus. This practice is known as ‘fisting’ and is practised by a surprisingly large proportion of active homosexuals. Recently there was a ‘Fistfest’ in the United States which brought together homosexuals who engage in this practice - a sort of conference for those who enjoy fisting. You can read about this extraordinary event at:




Death of Alec Barrack

The case of Alec Barrack, who died in 1996 at the home of Robert Thompson Simpson, was another case where homosexual activity undoubtedly led to his death. His mother now heads the Alec Barrack Trust.

Alec Barrack died by having a 'balloon head' device placed over his head by a sado-masochist who worked for the Crown Prosecution Service. All kinds of sado-masochistic equipment was found in his flat when the police and ambulance services arrived. Though Mr Simpson claimed that Alec had died just before he made his 999 call, evidence suggests that he had been dead for at least an hour, maybe two, before the ambulance service was called.

Cruelly, Mrs Barrack was told by the Senior Investigating Officer in the case, Detective Chief Inspector David Baff, that her son had died from natural caused in an asthma attack. An Inquest was held several months later and again, with no regard whatsoever for her rights, she was only informed of the inquest date two days before it took place - thus giving her no time to prepare. There, she learnt to her horror for the first time that things were far from what she had been led to believe. An Open Verdict was returned.

She arranged to meet D.C.I. David Baff to discuss her concerns, I nearly 1997. But before she could meet him, Baff was found hanged in his own East London flat. D.C.I. lived there with his homosexual lover and partner. Baff was Described at the time of his death as one of the country’s ‘top homosexual couples’, and was apparently destined for great things. But it was revealed shortly before his death that he was a very close friend of a scoutmaster who was currently being prosecuted for his alleged involvement in a major paedophile ring. It is not known to this day whether Baff committed suicide, was murdered, or died by accident in some bizarre sexual activity.

Mrs Barrack continues to seek truth and justice for her son and we will put up more material about this as-yet-unsolved case on the site as soon as we can.


Finally, it has been claimed that this website includes ‘homophobia’, or even that the entire site is a front for a homophobic campaign of some sort.

Where deaths result directly from the activities of homosexuals - and especially where the precise events remain hidden due to incompetent, corrupt or inadequate police and inquest investigations - we will want to uncover and expose the true circumstances, as we have done with the Stuart Lubbock casa and will do shortly on the Alec Barrack case and yet others.

But here is a passage from my book, ‘NOT AWIGHT’ which will I hope will go some way to reassuring those homosexuals who are equally appalled as we are at the deaths of Stuart Lubbock and Alec Barrack and the circumstances that led up to them that we are not ‘anti-homosexual’ in general.

Here is a verbatim extract fro page 131 of ‘NOT AWIGHT’:


We have even had some help from members of the homosexual community in Blackpool - and we are very grateful for that. There are some amongst that community, it seems, who are anxious to help and want to see Kenney brought to justice. Those who have given us these details have sworn us to secrecy about their identities.

One source told us that Kenney had served time for an offence of grievous bodily harm or some other violent assault. Another claimed he had been accused of another crime of violence in the area some years back, but that a conviction had not resulted because witnesses had been interfered with, and some had refused to testify.

Yet another person e-mailed us providing information about ‘various incidents of violence going back many years’. A journalist on a national newspaper told us that Kenney’s habit was to flit from one private tenancy to another, racking up rent arrears at one place and then moving on to another.

A different journalist told us that Kenney has at various times used alternative names. Now none of this can be independently verified, except perhaps by the police, so we say here and now that we apologise to Jonathan Kenney if any of the above rumours is untrue. But such rumours do tend to build up a bit of a picture in one’s mind.

One individual who helped us was Basil Newby, the entrepreneur who founded In The Pink Leisure Ltd and owns a string of night-clubs in Blackpool. He gave us what information he had, and also talked to Lancashire Police. He e-mailed us a number of times, but concluded:

“As I have said, it is a little awkward for me to get involved with this, as all the information I have has been passed on to the police to help with their investigation. I am sure you are trying your hardest to put an end to this awful night that took Stuart away. If you would like to forward me a contact number, I will gladly give that out to anyone that has any information so that they may call you in confidence. Having spoken to the police, I am sure they are looking in to all this very seriously. Please have faith and I am sure the truth will come out soon. There are a lot of genuine people out here that are doing all they can to help. Please give my regards to Terry and I do hope this all resolves itself. My best wishes”.

It was a great tonic to Terry to read this encouraging message. It raised his hopes that one day Kenney would also be re-interviewed by Essex Police about his son’s death.



[NOTE: Since I wrote this passage for the book, Jonathan Kenney, along with Michael Barrymore and Justin Merritt, were arrested by Essex Police on suspicion of murder on 14 June 2007].