Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The establishment groans.

Endorsements are often hailed as a sign of success in a campaign. Until recently, Ron Paul was discounted as someone who couldn't get candidates behind him, and that assumption was partially right. In the land of endorsements, it is often a story of "you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours" which is a game Dr. Paul isn't likely to play. So his arsenal of prestigious endorsements are quite impressive.

Amongst the most prominent of his endorsements are Academic giants like Walter Williams, and award winning economist at George Mason University. I ran across a list not long ago of over 50 Ph.D. economics professors who were lining up behind Paul, many more History and Political Science PhDs have lined up behind him too, including the venerable Thomas E. Woods.

In the media, he has had more trouble. Only truely maverick conservative commentators have offered their endorsements, probably because it is a dangerous career choice. Amongst them are Tucker Carlson, Joseph Sobran, Robert Novak, and L. Neil Smith.

A set of important endorsements are what I consider his "Government official" endorsements. These include Judge Andrew Napolitano who recently referred to Paul as "The Thomas Jefferson of our age". Probably the single most telling endorsement in Paul's database is Michael Scheuer, the former head analyst of the CIA's unit on Bin Laden. This man knows Bin Laden better than any government official in the nation, and has endorsed Paul. Who said he wasn't good on terror?

Amongst the traditional endorsements are people like Fmr. Congressman Bob Barr, who gained national attention when he led the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Other former Congressmen who have endorsed Paul are Paul Findley (IL-R) and Barry Goldwater Jr (CA-R). State legislators like Jim Guest (MO-R), Steve Vaillancourt (NH-R), and Jerry O'Neil (MT-R) have all tossed their hats into the ring behind Former state representative Barbara Hagan (NH-R), who was the first legislator nationwide to endorse Paul.

Today Ron Paul added another small, yet significant, endorsement to his resume. That of Paul Ingbretson of Grafton County District #5 in New Hampshire. Ingbretson said of Dr. Paul, "He has the unbelievable integrity and guts to speak out and vote the liberty agenda of the Founding Fathers-not once, or occasionally, but every time. Never in my lifetime have I seen anyone running for president so oriented and in these days of Patriot Act madness I endorse his candidacy unequivocally."



John said...
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John said...

Endorsements from academia? Sorry, the American public/sheep only cares about endorsements from celebrities and rappers.

Joe said...

Radio host and 2004 presidential candidate Michael Perouka has also endorsed Ron Paul.

Joe McKinley said...

John Mayer has also endorsed him. Not that it matters, but some people may care.

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness it is so nice to see a Ron Paul supporter in Baton Rouge. I go to LSU. :)
I assume Clint Eastwood would be a Ron Paul supporter, but I haven't seen anything official...