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The Rocha Medal

NOMINATIONS FOR THE ROCHA MEDAL 2009 OPEN UNTIL 31 DECEMBER 2007 - Download the announcement

The Rocha Medal

The ISRM Board decided at its Tokyo meeting in September 1981, to institute an annual prize with a view to honour the memory of Past-President Prof. Manuel Rocha. Profiting from the basis established by Prof. Müller, Prof. Rocha organized the first ISRM Congress and he was the leader that was responsible for transforming the international collaboration carried out in an amateurish way into a real international scientific association, having for the purpose settled the fundamental lines that have guided and supported the ISRM activity along the years.

The Rocha Medal is intended to stimulate young researchers in the field of rock mechanics. The prize, a bronze medal and a cash prize, have been annually awarded since 1982 for an outstanding doctoral thesis selected by a Committee appointed for the purpose.


Recipients of the Rocha Medal

1982A.P. CunhaPORTUGALMathematical Modelling of Rock Tunnels
1983S. BandisGREECEExperimental Studies of Scale Effects on Shear Strength and Deformation of Rock Joints
1984B. AmadeiFRANCEThe Influence of Rock Anisotropy on Measurement of Stresses in Situ
1985P.M. DightAUSTRALIAImprovements to the Stability of Rock Walls in Open Pit Mines
1986W. PurrerAUSTRIACalculation Model for the Behaviour of a Deep-Lying Seam Roadway in a Solid (but cut by Bedding Planes) Surrounding Rock Mass, taking into Consideration the Failure Mechanisms of the Soft Layer Determined In-Situ on Models
1987D. ElsworthUNITED KINGDOMLaminar and Turbulent Flow in Rock Fissures and Fissure Networks
1988S. GentierFRANCEMorphology and Hydromechanical Behaviour of a Natural Fracture in a Granite, under Normal Stress – Experimental and Theoretical Study
1989B. FröhlichGERMANYAnisotropic Swelling Behaviour of Diagenetically Consolidated Claystones
1990R.K. BrummerSOUTH AFRICAFracturing and Deformation at the Edges of Tabular Gold Mining Excavations and the Development of a Numerical Model describing such Phenomena
1991T. H. KleineAUSTRALIAA Mathematical Model of the Rock Breakage by Blasting
1992A. GhoshINDIAFractal and Numerical Models of Explosive Rock Fragmentation
1993O. Reyes W.PHILIPPINESExperimental Study and Analytical Modelling of Compressive Fracture in Brittle Materials
1994S. AkutagawaJAPANA Back Analysis Program System for Geomechanics Application
1995C. Derek MartinCANADAThe Strength of Massive Lac du Bonnet Granite around Underground Openings
1996M. P. BoardUSANumerical Examination of Mining-Induced Seismicity
1997M. BrudyGERMANYDetermination of In-Situ Stress Magnitude and Orientation of 9 km Depth at the KTB Site
1998F. MacGregorAUSTRALIAThe Rippability of Rock
1999A. DaehnkeSOUTH AFRICAStress Wave and Fracture Propagation in Rock
2000P. CosenzaFRANCECoupled Effects between Mechanical Behaviour and Mass Transfer Phenomena in Rock Salt
2001D. F. MalanSOUTH AFRICAAn Investigation into the Identification and Modelling of Time-Dependent Behaviour of Deep Level Excavations in Hard Rock
2002M.S. DiederichsCANADAInstability of Hard Rockmasses: the Role of Tensile Damage and Relaxation
2003L. M. AndersenSOUTH AFRICAA Relative Moment Tensor Inversion Technique applied to Seismicity Induced by Mining
2004G. GrasselliITALYShear Strength of Rock Joints based on the Quantified Surface Description
2005M. HildyardUNITED KINGDOMWave Interaction with Underground Openings in Fractured Rock
2006D. AskSWEDENNew Developments of the Integrated Stress Determination Method and Application to the ÄSPÖ Hard Rock Laboratory, Sweden
2007H. YasuharaJAPANThermo-Hydro-Mechano-Chemical Couplings that Define the Evolution of Permeability in Rock Fractures
2008Z.Z.LiangCHINAThree Dimensional Numerical Modelling of Rock Failure Process

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