The X-Files Fanfiction

N.B. All stories are listed in chronological order, so the oldest (from 1998) is first, and the newest last. However, series and novel-lengths are at the bottom.

Standalones and Short Series

Mulder and Scully fight and make up. (PG-13, MSR)
A night with Dana Scully, vampire (PG-13)
Confession 2
Scully the Vampire watches Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (PG-13)
Pale September
MSR songfic. PG-13.
Exit Music
NC-17 MSR, with abduction involved.
Think Before You Use *That* Title!
(with FirePhile). The entire gang goes to therapy. Krycek/Mrs. Scully, R.
Think Before You Use That Title 2 A Family Affair
(with FirePhile). Mrs. Scully has the gang over for dinner. R.
To Play At Questions
(MSR, PG-13, quasi-Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead crossover)
What I Might Have Heard
(post Pine Bluff Variant challenge fic)
Any Woman's Name
(Ringfic, R, MSR)
The Pinwheel
(PG-13, Scully/Pendrell)
And We All Live Happily Ever After
(PG-13 MSR Humor)
The Number of the Beast
(with Nascent and Flywoman, humor, MSR, PG-13)
Nabokov's Apprentice
(NC-17, PWP, M/K slash)
Life's Rich Feast
(PG-13, Krycekfic)
Dress-Up Doll
(R, Mulder/other, character death)
Somebody's Goodnight Kiss
(PG-13 MSR)
Drive, He Said
(R, Post-Col, MSR, Scullyangst. This is the story you've read, let's face it.)
As It Seems
(R, Scullyangst)
When Devils Tell The Truth
(NC-17, Scully/Krycek)
Ruby Red Desire
(Scully/Skinner, PG-13)
(Scully/Skinner, sequel to above, R)
Off-Off-Off Broadway
(Songfic, Parody, Metafic)
Mary Sue's 'On X-Files Day'
(Parody, Metafic)
(NC-17, Krycek/Scully)
Going Home Again
(PG-13, letter, Samantha)
Very Terrible Crossovers
(Parody, Humor, some MSR)
This Side of Paradise
(R, MSR, Humor, Famous Body-Switch Story)
A Brief Someday Moment
(NC-17 MSR)
Tra-La-La Triangle
(R, UST)
The Hour of the Star
(R, character death, slash)
Bitter Old Fic Queens
(An essay on the politics of fandom and fic queens)
Christmas in Space
(PG-13 MSR)
Letters to God
(PG-13/R, Humor)
Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful
(Mulder/Krycek, NC-17)
Before I Forget Blue
(MSR, R, character death)
Strange Infatuation
(M/S UST, PG-13)
Lounge Covers of David Bowie on Route 46
(M/S UST, PG-13)
(NC-17, MSR, BDSM, disturbing)
Bliss of Another Kind
(NC-17, Krycek/Scully, evil)
Caramel Rolls
(PG-13 MSR)
A Survey To God
(Humor, PG-13)
The Fiercest Calm
(MSR, NC-17)
Mulder Woke Up Gay
(Slash, Parody, PG-13)
In the Well
(PG-13, Scullyangst)
A Marriage of Minds
(NC-17, disturbing, AU)
Sour Times
(R, VA, M/S UST)
Porcelain Perfection
(R, Krycekfic)
Stasis In Darkness
(R, Mulderangst)
Xes Pu Ekam
(NC-17, MSR)
A Bad Dustin Hoffman Killer Virus Movie
(PG-13, MSR, post-Requiem)
Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby
(R, darkfic, character death, Mulder/Scully)
A Fine White Haze
(NC-17, implied slash, MSR)
An Incredible Unexciting Tale of Two People in Love
(PG-13, MSR, light humor)
The Last Beautiful Thing
(R, slash, MSR)
Take My Breath Away
The kinds of things you do while drunk at a party with a pretty girl in her bedroom. Crossover with Angel.
Obsession for Double Agents
Krycek's got Mulder under his skin. (NC-17)

Novel-Length Standalones

Full of Secrets
PG-13, X-Files/Twin Peaks crossover.
Outrunning Moirae
Gen casefile. R, co-written with FirePhile.


The Choirgirl Set

She's Your Cocaine
You're your favorite stranger-- and we all like to watch...
Exit 75 (One for Lollipop Gestapo)
where are the velvets-- when you're coming... coming... down?
Ice Cream Assassin
say you don't want it-- the circus we're in-- but you don't, don't really mean it--
Charts of Pain
i can be cruel... i don't know why... why can't my ba.ll.oo.n stay up in a perfectly windy sky?
Screaming in Cathedrals
with your E's and your ease and i do one more--
Not Your Senorita
things are getting desperate-- when all the boys can't be men...
Black Magic
make me laugh-- say you know you can turn me into the real thing--
Not Exactly Had
girls you got to know when it's time to turn the page--
Black Dove
she was a january girl-- she never let on how insane it was--

Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) -- Episode 1
This is the true story of how I totally saved A.D. Skinner and Agent Scully from two distinct bands of terrorists. It was almost as cool of that episode of MacGyver where he saved the world with chicken wire.
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) -- Episode 1-A
In this one, you get to hear all about the true, true story where Agent Scully and I team up and defeat these total thugs in Miami. We are cooler than Don Johnson in Miami Vice.
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) 1-B
Now, in this one, which is my favorite, you get to hear all about how I completely destroyed my father and his evil empire in fabulous Las Vegas. In fact, I'm so cool in this one, I might be cooler than Benicio del Toro in Traffic. Imagine that. I can.
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) 1-C
Written by special guest Zara Hemla, this story is about my incredible vacation in the South Pacific with Agent Scully. It was more intense than that movie with Harrison Ford and Anne Heche.
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) 2
I'm not sure this one is actually true. It's about my ex-partner Diana Fowley. I think it might be a work of fiction. But I include it on this list anyway.

The Valmont Universe

Inter-Office Politics
"We're all weak creatures here on earth. We lie, we cheat, we kill, we destroy, just to fulfill a desire. I watch Johnny, her long, glossy hair, her peridot eyes, the question in her face. It's more than possible that I'm in love with Johnny."
From Ritual to Romance
"I know what you're saying. Come on, Johnny, you were dead... Now all of the sudden you're alive again? I've completely and totally used you and your sensibilities, and that's just wrong. Duh."
The Once and Future Consortium
"I've been down. We both have. I don't want to be down again, and I don't want to see Mulder down, blood spilt in colorful and fatal patterns, as another eerie voice comes to me-- Luther Boggs, dead all these years, warning Mulder about the white cross. I remember something I wish I could forget. Don't go near the white cross. Stay far far away. Don't go near Johnny Valmont, the pit of my stomach warns. We see you down low--"
The Bonds of Sisterhood
And you thought Faith was a family-free sort of girl... (The single most indulgent fic ever written.)
Tenebrae et Elegiae
"I'm not going to claim that I'm a heroine for what I'm doing. I won't even bother to claim I'm doing the right thing morally. It's a brutal world, and sometimes we have to play the rough politics of morality. Nobody wins, but even a temporary thrill of victory against Johnny would make my day. Hell, it might even make my life."

Now It's Dark (Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.)

Into the Night
The death of one life leads to the birth of the next.

Emerging Dark
Revenge. Over and over and over.
Lucifer in Starlight
New purpose. Family reunions. It's time to change the ending.
The Subtle Art of Self-Preservation
Darla has joined up with the Dynamic Duo. Will they start wreaking havoc and causing chaos? I think that's a safe bet.
Facing the Stranger
Meanwhile back at the 'Dale....
A Fantastic Death Abyss
Spike is set up. And he is a sexist pig-dog.
Out of Media Res
Cordelia brings some bad news to the Scoobies.
Me, the Dragon, and the Dames
Spike is chained to a wall, Glory is actually around, and the world is doomed.
Almost Redemption
Dana Scully discovers her purpose in life.
Comparative Madness
Little sister comes home covered in blood, none it hers. It seems she has a destiny to fulfill.
Vengeance Theory
Enemies come to foregone conclusions.

Untitled X-Files/Buffy Vamp Crossover

With Vampires 'Til Dawn
Sex. Dancing. FBI agents getting busy with vampires. What's not to love?
Never Offering To Burn
More sex. More vampires.