About FIRM

The Problem:

Health care around the world is beset by

  • rising costs
  • declining access
  • stagnant quality
  • increasingly dissatisfied health care professionals.

Physicians fear their core values are threatened.

These values include:

  • putting the interests of individual patients ahead of other concerns;
  • practicing with honesty and integrity;
  • keeping patients' information confidential;
  • teaching the next generation of health professionals;
  • practicing medicine based on science and scientific principles.

Strong but generally unrecognized threats to these values arise from concentration and abuse of power in health care systems, because:

  • health care is increasingly dominated by large organizations;
  • these are often lead by the ill-informed, the self-interested, and even the corrupt.

Thus, the results are:

  • patients and physicians are caught in cross-fires between conflicting interests;
  • patients and physicians are subject to perverse incentives;
  • free speech and academic freedom are threatened;
  • pseudo-science and anti-science are gaining ground.
Mission Statement: The Foundation for Integrity and Responsibility in Medicine (FIRM) is a not-for-profit educational 501(c)3 foundation devoted to upholding medicine's core values by empowering patients and physicians, and supporting representative, transparent, ethical, and responsible health care governance. 
Will Do:
FIRM will investigate current problems in health care organization and governance, and disseminate the results to physicians, health care researchers and policy-makers, and the public at large.
FIRM Trustees: Roy M. Poses MD, President, Warren, RI
Wally R. Smith MD, Vice-President, Richmond, VA
Russell C. Maulitz MD, Secretary-Treasurer, Philadelphia, PA
FIRM Foundation for Integrity and Responsibility in Medicine
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