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  The Swedish Agency for flexible learning

CFL (Nationellt centrum för flexibelt lärande) is working to make lifelong learning possible for everyone by enhancing and stimulating the development of flexible learning in municipal adult education, folk high schools, study associations and at the work place.

In a society that is continually changing, the demands on people’s knowledge and skills are growing. It is therefore important to make life-long learning possible. Irrespective of one’s age, background, place of residence, family life and work, it must be possible to study and improve one’s education. Adult education must be able to meet individual requirements, needs and desires.

CFL, is a government agency and the headquarters with its director general and general office are located in Hässleholm and its operational units are in Härnösand and Norrköping.

New times. New ways of learning

Flexible Learning
Flexible learning is a form of study that concentrates on the individual and therefore takes great account of the student’s wishes and capabilities. Flexible learning gives students the opportunity to choose the time, place, pace and structure of their studies.Flexible learning requires that education providers develop their teaching techniques, organisation and technology to be able to meet the student’s needs.

Support for development
CFL’s task is to develop and expand the accessibility of lifelong learning. We do this mainly by working with and through our target groups in municipal adult education and liberal adult education.

  • We provide support and resources for development projects that increase the availability of flexible forms of study and increase the educational and methodological level of flexible learning.
  • We offer mentorship, project management, training and advice to increase knowledge of flexible learn-ing, teaching materials, methods and techniques.
  • We support and stimulate the creation of networks to increase cooperation, take in experience and spread knowledge.
  • We support the development of methods and teaching resources for flexible learning, both through consultation on educational and technical matters, and by disseminating knowledge and experience of both production and use.
  • A large number of teaching centres have been es-tablished up and down the country with the help of development funds from CFL. We have also produced quality criteria and guidelines for such centres.
  • We offer in-service training for teachers, school managers and study circle leaders who want to learn more about flexible forms of education.

Special tasks

  • We produce and develop material and methods intended for specific target groups. One example is teaching materials in sign language for the adult deaf, which we designed for flexible learning.
  • CFL is a partner in the regional growth programmes to which we contribute analytical, methodological and skills support.

Knowledge base
CFL endeavours to be a data and knowledge base in the flexible learning field.  We monitor and disseminate the latest ideas, information about research and development work together with experience of distance and flexible learning. By doing this we wish to contribute to increasing knowledge of flexible forms of study and assist developments in the field.
We follow up all CFL-supported projects, collecting knowledge and lessons learned within our target groups, as well as passing results and experience on to education providers and other interested parties.
We also disseminate knowledge through seminars, conferences and networks. This information is always available at our website.

Distance learning
CFL offers distance learning for adults at upper secondary level with opportunities for individual choice of start date, structure, pace and method. The courses are web-based and complement the adult education of-fered by local authorities.


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