The one, the only...Riiya!

Ohayo!! This is me, Raye-chan, welcomeing you to (i think) first Riiya shrine there is!! From the kawaii series, Akazukin Cha Cha, Riiya is a wolf boy, who has a crush on little Cha Cha! Of course there are others who have crushes on him namely...

Marin: Meee!!!!!

Raye: Uhhh, yes, her. C'mon, introduce yourself.

Marin: Hello everybody! It's me, Marin, here to tell you all about my darling Riiya!

Raye: < sweatdrops > This is my shrine....

Marin: < giving Raye a feirce look > What did you say?!

Raye: Oh nothing. Can i be of service?

Marin: Actually, yes! You can help me find Riiya-darling, for one.

Raye: Oh! I forgot. I already asked Riiya-chan to come visit.

Marin: < gets starry eyes > Really! Oh it's been so long! < starts looking all around the shrine > Riiya! Riiya-darling, where are you? Darling! < turns over a desk and looks under it > Riiya? < looks under the carpet > Riiya? < opens a drawer and looks into it > Darling?

Raye: < sweatdrop gets larger with every move Marin makes > Marin? He's not here yet.

Marin: < stops looking and screams into Raye's face > WHAT?!?!

Raye: < calmly > He'll be here later. For now, shall we go on raving about Riiya-chan?

Marin: Oh yes! My Riiya-darling! He's so strong, and handsome and charming and has such a macho appetite and the most adorable fangs!! < laughs evilly > And he mine! All mine! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Raye: < sweatdrops once again > Yeah, sure. Right. < whispers to the audience so Marin can't hear > Also, Riiya-chan turns into a darling little fox (mind you, fox, not dog!!), but Marin doesn't know that. < finger starts circling temple > She's a little cukoo...

Marin: < turns into a mermaid and thwaps Raye on the head with her tail, then turns back human again > (note to reader: She normally can't do this, unless she's in water, but hey, it's my story, so anything goes!!) < screams > WHAT DID YOU SAY?! < Marin's breathing gets heavier >

Raye: < takes out fan and starts to fan Marin's now red, large face and a surprisingly enormous mouth > Nothing! < smiles innocently > I was just telling them how perfect both of you are together...

Marin: < calms down and face is normal > That's better. We really are, you know. And...?!

Raye: < confused > And?

Marin: < shouts > AND?!?!

Raye: And... and... and how pretty you are! What fair skin, however do you keep it that way? Silky smooth!

Marin: < seems pleased > Well, it's the ocean, you see...

< someone knocks on the shrine door >

Raye: That must be Riiya-chan! I'll get it! < walks towards the door >

Marin: Riiya!!!

Raye: < comes in with a little white fox following her > Here he is!!

Marin: < shrieks > What...What is that?! That's not Riiya! Hmf! I'm going out to look for him! < runs out of the shrine > Riiya! Riiya-darling!!

Riiya: < turns into a normal boy again > Thanks Raye!

Raye: Anytime, Riiya-chan!

Riiya: Nice shrine here! Wow! My very own shrine!!! < beams with pride >

Raye: You know, i've got some really nice pics of you over at the Image Closet!

Riiya: Wow! Images of me! < hugs Raye > Thanks Raye-chan!

Raye: < blushes > And we've got links to your friends pages at the Portals Room!

Riiya: Cool! Hey, you've got food?

Raye: < snaps her fingers and materializes 10 hambugers > Here ya go!

Riiya: Wow! Hamburgers! Yum!! < scarfs them down in 5 seconds >

Raye: You have an amazing appetite!

Riiya: I just realized something... what if no one knows me?

Raye: They'll know all about you in my Riiya Info Book! I wrote it myself, you know!

Riiya: Yay! My very own book!

< Marin can be heard screaming from far away >

Raye: Oh oh...

Riiya: Is that Marin? Gotta go!

Raye: Visit me again Riiya-chan!! Bye!!

Riiya: < runs out that back way > Bye! < waves >