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A Diva Is Born

a diva is born On the April 19, 2000 edition of HEAT, Trish Stratus made her first WWE appearance, scouting Test & Prince Albert during their matches. The following night on RAW, Test & Albert attacked Val Venis, and Trish formally introduced them as her new team, T&A.; Just two months later, Venis would eventually join them as well.

On the June 15, 2000 edition of SmackDown, Trish Stratus helped T&A; defeat the Hardy Boyz. After the match, Trish and her team continued their attack, drawing Lita to the ring to fight off Trish. It was the first confrontation between the two Divas in a heated rivalry that still exists to this day.

In July 2000, before a scheduled tag team match featuring Triple H & Trish Stratus, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley caught Trish & The Game in what she thought was a compromising position. It was the first of many problems during a lengthy involvement with the McMahon family, a relationship that ultimately culminated in Trish & Linda McMahon getting the best of the rest of the family at WrestleMania X-Seven.

After foiling the McMahon family at WrestleMania X-Seven, Trish Stratus turned her attention back to the ring. As she continued to improve her wrestling, Trish found herself in an unlikely alliance with Lita, leading the WWE Divas against Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson and the ECW/WCW Alliance.

After suffering an ankle injury late in the summer of 2001, Trish Stratus returned in the fall with a renewed vigor. Finally, on November 18 at Survivor Series, Trish climbed the mountain for the first time, winning the vacant Women's Championship in a Six-Diva Challenge.

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Heading Into the Stratusphere

Heading Into the Stratusphere After losing the Women's Championship to Jazz in February 2002, Trish spent three months trying to win back the gold. On the May 6 edition of RAW, Trish started out challenging Jazz for the Women's Championship, but ended up winning and losing the Hardcore Championship that night. Just one week later, however, Trish would regain the Women's Championship in a similarly crazy fashion.

In the summer of 2002, Molly Holly was Trish's biggest rival. What began as part of a Mixed Tag Team Match on RAW ended up as one of the most heated rivalries of 2002, one that saw the Women's Championship change hands twice and the debut of Victoria.

Following her debut in August, Victoria became the biggest threat to Trish Stratus. Holding an unknown grudge from the past, Victoria attacked Trish at every turn, eventually winning the Women's Championship from her at Survivor Series. Trish got the ultimate revenge, regaining the Women's Championship at WrestleMania XIX.

During 2002, Trish held the Women's Championship a total of three times. Also during that year, Trish took part in numerous "special" matches. From Lingerie Matches to Bra & Panties Mud Matches, Trish did it all. In January 2003, Trish was rewarded for three years of hard work when she won the Diva of the Decade Award at RAW's 10th Anniversary Special.

At WrestleMania XIX, Trish took on Victoria and Jazz in a Triple Threat Match for the Women's Championship. That night in Seattle, Trish pinned Victoria to once again become Women's Champion, joining The Fabulous Moolah as the only Divas to win the championship four times.

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The Quintessential Diva

The Quintessential Diva Late in 2003, Trish Stratus became the object of Chris Jericho's affection. While the romance started as the result of a bet between Jericho and Christian, it seemed like Jericho and Trish were truly falling for each other...until Trish turned on Y2J and aligned herself with his former partner.

After Trish joined forces with Christian and regained the Women's Championship, her dormant rivalry with Lita once again heated up. Lita eventually toppled Trish for the gold, but when the fiery redhead suffered a knee injury, a new challenger stepped in to take her place.

After suffering an injury at the hands of Viscera in May 2005, Trish spent four months out of action. When she returned in September, Trish came to the aid of the newest RAW Diva, becoming a mentor of sorts to Ashley.

In October 2004, Mickie James made her RAW debut to help Trish & Ashley fight off an attack. Introducing herself at the time as Trish's biggest fan, Mickie would go from obsessed friend to destructive foe in a matter of months.

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Behind The Diva

Behind The Diva In 2001, launched the Babe of the Year competition. After three rounds of voting, it came down to Trish and Lita, and Stratus edged her longtime rival in a close vote. Trish didn't disappoint, as her Babe of the Year photos reflected a sexy futuristic them, welcoming fans into the Stratusphere.

In 2002, Trish Stratus won the Babe of the Year contest for the second straight year. In an even closer vote than 2001, Trish narrowly edged out Torrie Wilson. After a futuristic theme for her first pictorial, Trish's 2002 spread showed off her sporty and scholarly sides.

2003 marked a three-peat for Trish, as she won the Babe of the Year contest for the third consecutive year by defeating Stacy Keibler in the final voting. This time, Trish let the fans pick the theme of her pictorial, and the people wanted to see a little leather and lace.

Throughout her career, Trish Stratus has been on the cover of many WWE and other worldwide publications. From RAW Magazine to the 2004 Divas Swimsuit magazine, Trish on the cover is a guaranteed hot seller.

Since her debut in 2000, Trish has been a part of every sexy Divas Magazine photo shoot. The publication's cover girl in 2002, 2003 and 2006, Trish has strutted her stuff around the globe. Check out a sampling of her hot photos from each year's sizzling locale.

Ever wonder what Trish's home looks like? Or how she feels about her entrance theme? Or what goes into some of her photo shoots?

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