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The Avon River meanders its way north through the townships of Beverley, York, Northam and Toodyay, then twists westward to become the Swan River, flowing through the city of Perth and the port of Fremantle.

The Dale River flows into the Avon from the south-west and joins it ten kilometres north-west of Beverley.

Avondale is located on the land between the two rivers. It is a landscape of rolling hills, fertile paddocks, granite outcrops and remnant bushland.


The Farm Drivetrail
The Nature Trail
The Avon Ascent


  The Farm Drivetrail  

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The Farm Drivetrail is an easy to follow, self drive tour of the farm, with interpretive signage giving the visitor information about the latest agricultural research, and modern farming techniques.

Avondale Farm Drivetrail Map




eucalyptus for oil



  The Nature Trail  

granite boulders

The Avondale 50 hectare reserve features a walktrail through remnant bushland, and the visitor is likely to see kangaroos and emus, and in springtime a range of wildflowers including orchids, sundews, wattles and dryanda.

Interpretive signs explain the vegetation and wildlife and the gentle walk leads to a granite boulder outcrop with stunning views across the Avon valley.



Donkey orchid

walk through bushland

  The Avon Ascent  

Gazebo lookout

Avondale Discovery Farm is one of the major sites on the Avon Ascent, a self-guided drive tour of the Avon Valley from York to Beverley.

The sites feature free gas BBQs and picnic areas, children’s playgrounds and information about the Swan-Avon River system. For more information check out their website www.YorkWA.com.au/AvonAscent


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