Friday, January 11, 2008

And it gets worse...

Several days ago, the Gentoo community discovered the unfortunate news that the Gentoo Foundation's charter has been revoked for several weeks, which means that as of this moment the Gentoo Foundation no longer exists.

Even worse, there has not been any public explanation from the Foundation's trustees as to why this was allowed to happen, or what steps are being taken, if any, to fix this. This is very bad for the morale of the Gentoo community.

To top it all off, I am still listed as President of the Gentoo Foundation according to the State of New Mexico, despite being assured 5 months ago that this would be resolved.

At this point, many people in the Gentoo community, including myself, are both very concerned and more than a bit peeved.

It also appears that all but two of the interim Foundation trustees have either resigned or are unreachable. Grant Goodyear appears to be the only remaining trustee who actively does legal stuff, along with Chris Gianelloni who runs the Gentoo Store.

So, that's the bad news. The good news is that I am going to make an offer to fix this mess, which I will post later today.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Daniel to the rescue.

Thanks because I love Gentoo.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Daniel to the rescue.

Thanks because I love Gentoo.


Arne said...

I hope this mess somehow ends up with something good.

I was just checking in here because I wanted to get the address for the sources you have compiled to use with my new used laptop and got a bit chocked from reading this blog post.
Thanks for being there for Gentoo still Daniel, you are my hero :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know where the Gentoo community discovered these facts, as I am an active reader of Gentoo's planet and forums and just found out reading your blog.
But I know something must be going on as Gentoo isn't able to publish new stages or some kind of content at all (on front page) that would show that gentoo is still alive.
I really hope this can all be resolved as I like Gentoo very much. :)

Daniel Robbins said...

There was a big thread on the gentoo-core mailing list about it.

Bluespear said...

I think there are very few informations even on the forums. Devs seems a bit lost about what happens and the mainpage not updated since 15th october give a very bad impression of the distribution :/ I thinks this is a bit stupid not to be able to take just 5 minute to write a message redirecting to the forum or removing the old GWN for something more up to date.
It sound like there are not any leader left able to make even small changes....
Sad :/

Anonymous said...

Rock on Daniel! Gentoo is my favorite OS. I am glad someone is stepping up to try and fix the mess it is currently in. ^_^

nightmorph said...

Even worse, there has not been any public explanation from the Foundation's trustees as to why this was allowed to happen, or what steps are being taken, if any, to fix this.

Wrong . . . while there is a private thread on the gentoo-core ML, there's also a much longer thread on the public gentoo-dev ML that discusses these exact issues. You should read it. Pages and pages of issues and explanations, and more threads are on the (also public) gentoo-nfp list.

Anonymous said...

I had a gut feeling something was amiss. The weekly newsletter kept appearing, disappearing, reappearing under new ownership, disappearing again....

I see that it's still moving along, however without the newsletter I'm finding I have to go to the forums to find out how to 'fix' items that should have (and normally would have) been posted to the newsletter.

I've been a long time Gentoo user, drawn to it because it kept up on the edge (but not on the bleeding edge if you didn't use an '~' accept flag. But it seems that it's slowed down a lot and other distributions (like Ubuntu and now even Suse) have sprung up or found a solid new direction and are eclipsing Gentoo now as far as being more on top of things and improving the ease of use for day to day use.

I'm truly disappointed to find out that the foundation has slipped like this, and key people have disappeared. Definitely sounds like it's time for some serious house cleaning and someone in charge (like Daniel) to set it back on the right path.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Daniel, for still being at Gentoo's side despite the bad reactions from the devs' side

Hopefully it's not too late

Gentoo is and always will be my distribution of choice


Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,

Best of luck to you on getting the Gentoo mess straightened out. I have been a Gentoo enthusiast and dev (currently inactive due to job/relocation reasons) over the last several years. I love the distro, but the politics and infighting within the Gentoo leadership structure have been a real turn-off for me. It seems that individual personalities have trumped the common good. It is for this reason that I am not terribly surprised at the current sad state of affairs.

I am hopeful you will be able to salvage Gentoo. I would miss it terribly if it were gone. It has been a great learning experience for me, and I was a Linux enthusiast long before Gentoo came along. If nothing else, building stage3 is one of my favorite ways to benchmark a new system. :)

I know your professional commitments probably preclude it, but have you given thought to forking Gentoo if your offer is rebuffed? I would love to see a Gentoo distribution driven by sane, rational leadership once more.

Take care.

hoss said...

I actually had no idea these sorts of issues existed currently in Gentoo. I've just been truckin' along doing my daily world emerges. I know there was some issue with the official online package browser awhile back, which seemed to have just degenerated into angry finger-pointing. That didn't bode well, but I didn't know there were larger foundation-related problems. Bummer. A quick peek at the forums indeed shows little or no information related to these issues.