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Future Publishing was originally one magazine - Amstrad Action, for the 8-bit CPC home computer with some coverage of the Amstrad PCW and PC - and run out of a garage in Bath in the mid 1980s.

The real begining of this magazine empire was the decision to split Amstrad Action into 3 magazines. 8000 Plus covered the Amstrad PCW, while PC Plus (still running to this day) was to cover the PC. Amstrad Action continued to cover the Amstrad CPC and went on to run for 117 issues, finally closing in June 1995 way after the death of the Amstrad CPC commercially.

Titles Future has since published include Amiga Format, Commodore Format - for the C64 -, Your Sinclair and a range of current computer and lifestyle titles for hobbies ranging as far as mountain biking and knitting to heavy metal music. It is behind the popular internet magazine, .net and the grown-ups' video games magazine, Edge.

It is still based in Bath, on Monmouth Street. The company also has offices in London's Baker Street.

For a time Future Publishing was part of the Pearson group.

An attempted takeover of Highbury House Publishing was abandoned in April 2005.

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