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Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory about a supposed project which purpose is to create an artificial Second Coming, in order to control people.

[edit] History

Project Blue Beam is a continuous experimentation of the Philadelphia and Montauk experiments that the United States military worked on in the 1940s.

[edit] Mission

The project is apparently based in the high security complex of Area 51 in Nevada. The project has been tested numerous times in form of holographic images of Jesus Christ in remote areas. The "beam" can also be used to create images of UFOs, aliens and other creatures, perhaps explaining many of the UFO sightings throughout the 20th century.

When the project is activated, a "messiah" will appear in every country, representing that country's biggest religion - thus Muslims will see Muhammad while Christians will see Christ, and so on. These holograms will all talk in different languages before finally merging with each other, explaining that the old religions were the cause of all evil on earth because they were mistranslated. After this event, the one messiah will declare the new Golden Age, thus establishing the New World Order.

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