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Edwards Launches Eight-Day, 38-County "America Rising: Fighting For The Middle Class" Bus Tour

Dec 27, 2007 12:26 PM

In the Final Push Before the Caucuses, Edwards Will Meet with Thousands of Caucus Goers to Discuss His Fight for an America that Works for Middle Class Families; Campaign Launches Two New Ads in Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa – Today, Senator John Edwards is launching an eight-day "America Rising: Fighting for the Middle Class" bus tour across Iowa to meet with caucus goers and share with them his plans to stand up to powerful interests and make sure hard-working middle class families can get ahead. During the final days leading up to the caucuses, Edwards will visit 38 counties and meet with thousands of caucus goers to discuss his vision of an America where every person can work hard and build a better life for their family.

"Corporate greed and influence in Washington are stealing our children's future," said Edwards. "We will never change this country unless we're willing to take on these powerful interests. I believe that on the night of January 3rd, Iowans are going to say enough is enough. There's going to be a rising that begins right here in Iowa, and it's going to spread across America, and it will be a wave of change that cannot be stopped. Together, we will stand up to these powerful interests, take back our country and make sure we leave our children a better world."

Edwards comes from a working class family and has spent his life standing up to powerful interests and fighting for regular Americans like the ones he grew up with. As President, he will continue to stand up to these interests and bring change to America. He believes every time we fight for jobs, families, the middle class, universal health care, and an end to poverty, America rises.

Edwards heads into the final days before the caucuses with growing momentum: Polls show him surging; he was recently endorsed by Iowa First Lady Mari Culver and Congressman Bruce Braley; he had a stand-out performance at The Des Moines Register debate; and more and more caucus goers are signing up to support him on January 3rd. Today, Edwards is holding a "Main Street Meet & Greet" in Waukon, "Countdown to Caucus" events in Decorah and Waverly, and an "America Rising" rally in Waterloo.

As part of the final push before the caucuses, today the campaign also unveiled two new 30-second television ads that will begin airing today in Iowa - "Choice" and "Time for Truth."

Full transcripts of the ads are included below. You can view the ads online at

Full Transcript of "Choice" (30 seconds):

I'm John Edwards and I approve this message

Here's the choice:

Keep going the way we are,

Pretend the system works while corporate greed rules,

Insurance lobbyists kill health care,

Energy giant make billions from insane gas prices,

And the middle class is squeezed to the breaking point.

Or tell the truth – the status quo and good intentions aren't enough

We're not going to look our kids in the eye and say corporate greed stole your future.

We're going to say America rose up, saved the middle class, gave you a better life,

And it started right here in Iowa.

Full Transcript of "Time for Truth" (30 seconds):

It's time to tell the truth.

These big corporations and their greed,

They are stealing your children's future.

We will never change this country

Unless we're willing to take those people on.

I believe that on the night of January 3rd,

You're going to say enough is enough.

There's going to be a rising that begins right here in Iowa

And it's going to spread across America

And it will be a wave of change that cannot be stopped.

I'm John Edwards and I approve this message.

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