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2007-2008 Hollinger Projections - Center

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Player Efficiency Rating (PER) League average: 15.0
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Hollinger Player Projections
#1 Amare Stoudemire
2007-08 Current PER: 26.79
League Average Comparison: +11.79
Projected PER: 23.73

2006-07 PER: 23.15
He fought microfracture surgery and won. Stoudemire's return got off to a slow start; he seemed out of sync at the start of the season and wasn't even in the right zip code on defense. ... Complete Profile
#2 Dwight Howard
2007-08 Current PER: 24.96
League Average Comparison: +9.96
Projected PER: 24.51

2006-07 PER: 21.19
Howard took another big step on his path to stardom, making his first All-Star team while dominating in the basket area. The 6-11 center's increased power can be seen in his much ... Complete Profile
#3 Tim Duncan
2007-08 Current PER: 24.81
League Average Comparison: +9.81
Projected PER: 23.72

2006-07 PER: 26.19
One of the more amazing subplots of the MVP race was how everyone conveniently ignored Duncan's existence. While this is remarkably easy to do given his lack of spectacular highlights, ... Complete Profile
#4 Andrew Bynum
2007-08 Current PER: 22.83
League Average Comparison: +7.83
Projected PER: 16.76

2006-07 PER: 15.44
Bynum had a breakout year in his second pro season out of high school, one that got lost in the whirlwind of the Lakers' refusal to trade him for Jason Kidd and Kobe Bryant's subsequent ... Complete Profile
#5 Yao Ming
2007-08 Current PER: 22.81
League Average Comparison: +7.81
Projected PER: 28.51

2006-07 PER: 26.54
Yao continued his steady improvement by establishing himself as an MVP candidate before a broken leg cost him 34 games. Nonetheless, his numbers for the season were awesome. Yao ... Complete Profile
#6 Brendan Haywood
2007-08 Current PER: 19.17
League Average Comparison: +4.17
Projected PER: 14.02

2006-07 PER: 14.23
Haywood continued on his path toward becoming the most generic 7-foot center of his generation, fulfilling almost every stereotype of an NBA big man along the way. Occasionally ... Complete Profile
#7 Andris Biedrins
2007-08 Current PER: 19
League Average Comparison: +4
Projected PER: 18.01

2006-07 PER: 16.23
The master of field-goal percentage struck again, hitting 59.9 percent from the field to keep his career mark over 60 percent. The Latvian lefty is actually a terrible shooter ... Complete Profile
#8 Marcus Camby
2007-08 Current PER: 18.7
League Average Comparison: +3.7
Projected PER: 17.61

2006-07 PER: 19.1
Camby showed the first signs of aging last year: He forgot to get injured. The big man shocked the masses by playing 70 games for only the second time in his career, setting a career ... Complete Profile
#9 Chris Kaman
2007-08 Current PER: 18.49
League Average Comparison: +3.49
Projected PER: 13.29

2006-07 PER: 12.97
Told ya so. The Clippers' $53 million extension for Kaman looked questionable at the time; now it looks absurd, because it valued Kaman based on an expected improvement that never ... Complete Profile
#10 Tyson Chandler
2007-08 Current PER: 18.36
League Average Comparison: +3.36
Projected PER: 15.8

2006-07 PER: 17.06
Traded from the Bulls in the offseason, Chandler produced his best pro campaign for the Hornets. The biggest reason was one I've seen nobody mention: Chandler's massive drop in fouls. ... Complete Profile
#11 Shaquille O'Neal
2007-08 Current PER: 18.36
League Average Comparison: +3.36
Projected PER: 22.65

2006-07 PER: 21.84
His laurels must be crushed, because Shaq rested on them all last summer. The big man showed up out of shape and almost immediately hit the injured list, and although he got in ... Complete Profile
#12 Zydrunas Ilgauskas
2007-08 Current PER: 17.92
League Average Comparison: +2.92
Projected PER: 18.02

2006-07 PER: 17.98
Ilgauskas' offensive numbers were way down from his 2005-06 campaign, and at 32 the worry is that this is the start of the Great Slide. However, the Lithuanian giant remained a ... Complete Profile
#13 Emeka Okafor
2007-08 Current PER: 17.46
League Average Comparison: +2.46
Projected PER: 17.48

2006-07 PER: 20.15
Okafor put together his best season as a pro, dominating defensively in the first half of the year and wrongly getting shafted out of an All-Star spot thanks to the Bobcats' miserable ... Complete Profile
#14 Nazr Mohammed
2007-08 Current PER: 17.4
League Average Comparison: +2.4
Projected PER: 15.18

2006-07 PER: 16.5
Mohammed appeared to play very well, at least to everyone not affiliated with the Pistons. In his first season after singing as a free agent, Mohammed shot 53.2 percent from the ... Complete Profile
#15 Samuel Dalembert
2007-08 Current PER: 17.13
League Average Comparison: +2.13
Projected PER: 14.54

2006-07 PER: 16.11
Dalembert started all 82 games and had his best pro season, making the Sixers' $60 million investment in him seem much less foolish than it had a year earlier. The 6-11 Haitian, ... Complete Profile
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