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The Pier People Built
Oceanside has always had a pier for our residents and visitors to enjoy. The first one, built in 1888, was located at what is now Wisconsin Avenue. The next five were built on the site where you’ll find the current pier—at the end of Pier View Way. The concrete approach to the current pier was built in 1925; the wooden portion in 1988. At 1,954 feet, this pier is the longest wooden pier on the west coast.

Enjoy the five minute walk or take the 50¢ shuttle to the restaurant at the far end for a meal or drink. Along the way you’ll notice the engraved names of local citizens who cared enough about the 1988 restoration to make a private donation. We think that says a lot about the people who live here.

No license is required to fish from the pier. (Check with Tackle Town, located at 1009 N. Coast Hwy., (760) 721-2697 for more information). On a clear day, you’ll be able to see La Jolla, the Coronado Islands, and Catalina Island.

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