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basic Tip #811: Highlight whitespace errors in files

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created:   October 28, 2004 9:42      complexity:   basic
author:   Frank B      as of Vim:   5.7

Being somewhat of a neat-freak, I dislike redundant trailing spaces,
and redundant space chars embedded inside of leading spaces.

This auto-command will highlight both of these when added to your vimrc.

    au Syntax *    syn match Error /\s\+$/ | syn match Error /^\s* \t\s*/

You'll be surprised how much whitespace crud there is in source files everywhere.


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Additional Notes

Anonymous, October 28, 2004 12:07
you can also use the listchars option and set the trail character

this will use the SpecialKey syntax highlighting for trailing charaters.

:help listchars
Dubhead, October 28, 2004 19:22
I also hate redundant spaces, and had been highlighting them with a combination of 'highlight' and 'match' command.
But now I have switched to your 'au Syntax' approach.  This is simpler and better.  Thanks for the tip!

Here's a possible improvement that highlights only the redundant part:

au Syntax * syn match Error /\s\+$\| \+\ze\t/

'\ze' sets end of match.  See :he /ordinary-atom
Anonymous, November 3, 2004 21:01
I'm new to vim, using 6.3.16 and adding the above to my .vimrc doesn't seem to work for me.  Ideas?
Anonymous, November 4, 2004 8:56
The command "syntax on" should appear before the autocommand line.
If it is issued after, highlighting will not occur.

For gvim users, if there are any syntax commands inside of $VIM/gvimrc,
try inserting the autocommand line inside of the user gvimrc file instead,
as it is after the system gvimrc file.

mosh at albany, November 20, 2004 18:54
Here is how see the tabs in Makefiles

:au  FileType  make      set tabstop=8 noexpandtab list
pagaltzis@gmx.de, November 24, 2004 12:16
:au Syntax * syn match Error /\s\+$/ | syn match Error /\(^\s*\)\@<= \+\ze\t\+/

This will highlight just the spaces.
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