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Microsoft VOLT users communityPrivate; membership is by invitation 
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   Version 1.2 Release Notes  

14 January 2006
VOLT 1.2 posted
See the release notes.

15 November 2004 
VOLT supplemental files updated
Kern2Volt tool added.

24 May 2004
Microsoft VOLT 1.1.225 available
Aprox 3.5MB download.

11 December 2002
Microsoft VOLT 1.1.206 available -US/msvolt.exe
Aprox 3.5MB download.

21 August 2002
Handy VOLT UI guide posted

20 August 2002 
VOLT supplemental files updated
Contains the latest version of Uniscribe. The package also includes Paul Nelson's sample Arabic font as well as the Mangal Indic font (which have not been updated).

6 August 2002
Tags.txt updated

Updated VOLT documentation
The VOLT user guides are posted

Fonts and other copyrighted material

Please do not post fonts or other copyright protected material to this community.

If you're shy mail your questions and feedback directly to me via,

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    Group Description
    A community for font developers using Microsoft's Visual OpenType Layout Table tool.
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