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From Virginia Tech

Kevin S. Jones - Star running back for the Detriot Lions. KJ was drafted in the 1st round at the 2004 NFL drafts.


Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. - Prominent Los Angeles, CA Attorney 
Robert Johnson - BET Founder 
Reginald F. Lewis* - Former CEO of world's largest AA company, TLC 
Percy Sutton - Entrepreneur and Owner of the Apollo Theater 
Lerone J. Bennett, Jr. - Editor 
Keith Clinkscales - CEO/President of Vibe Magazine 
John E. Jacob - Exec VP of Anheuser-Busch, Inc and former CEO, National Urban League 
C.C. Spaulding - First President of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co. 
Bert Collins - Current President of NC Mutual Life Insurance 
Edward G. Gartner - President of Soft Sheen Products, Inc. 


Dr. Rev. Ralph Abernathy* - Civil Rights Leader and former president of SCLC 
Dr. Samual D. Proctor 
Dr. Rev. Leon Sullivan - Pastor of Zion Baptist Church - Philadelphia, PA 
Rev. Gardner C. Taylor 
Bishop Eddie L. Long 
Rev. Calvin O. Butts - Pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church - Harlem, NY 
Dr. William Gibson - Former Chairman of the Board of Directors of NAACP 
C. Vernon Mason - Prominent civil rights attorney and activist 
Judge Herman Thomas -State Supreme Court of Alabama, Board of Trustees -University of South Alabama 



Dr. Joseph B. Johnson 
Dr. Harold M. McNeil 
Dr. Robert L. Randolph 
Dr. Dallas Simmons 
Dr. William E. Sims 
Dr. Harrison B. Wilson Jr. 
Dr. Samuel Massie 
Dr. Horace M. Bond - Past president of Lincoln University (PA) 
Dr James Shepherd* - Founder and first president of NCCU 
Dr. Kenneth B. Clark - Prominent social psychologist and researcher 
Dr. C. Eric Lincoln - Author of Black Muslims in America 
Arthur Schomburg - Historian and scholar of African-American culture 



Sterling Robert Macer, Jr. - Director (Mu Epsilon)
Kenny Burrell - Jazz 
Donald Byrd - Jazz 
John Singleton - Oscar nominated Director/Screenwriter 
Dr. Billy Taylor - Jazz 
Cedric the Entertainer - Comedian, The Steve Harvey Show 
Joe Clair - Rap City Host 
Tavis Smiley - BET Talk Show Host 
Montell Jordan - R&B Singer 
William Grant Still - Composer and Musician 
William Raspberry - Syndicated Columnist for Washington Post 
Ed Bradley - Investigative Reporter for 60 Minutes 
Ralph Wiley - Sports Writer and Author 
Whitman Mayo - Actor who starred as Grady on 'Sanford and Son' 
Jester Hairston - Actor who starred as Rolly Forbes on 'Amen' 
Earnest Thomas - Actor who starred as Roger on 'What's Happening' 



Past Grand Polemarch Thomas Bradley - Former Mayor of LA 
John Conyers - Congressman (D-MI) 
Vernon Jones - Georgia State Representative 
George Crockett Jr.- Congressman (D-MI) 
Walter Fauntroy - Congressman (D-D.C.) 
Mayor Elihu Harris - Oakland, CA. 
Judge Carl Stokes - First A-A mayor of a major US city (Cleveland) 
Louis B. Stokes - Congressman (D-OH) 
Mayor Wellington Webb - Denver CO 
Mayor Michael White - Cleveland, OH 
Marvin Arrington - Atlanta City Council President 
Mervyn Dymally - Congressman (D-CA) 
Rep. Alcee Hastings - Florida 
Rep. Albert R Wynn - Maryland