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Nalo Hopkinson
September 07, 2004
The Anime News Network is the obvious place to go for any Web surfer hungry for the latest details about a favorite anime or manga program ... or, of course, about the industry as a whole. New or old, obscure beyond knowing or freshly released on DVD—if it's about anime and it's worth knowing, ANN will have the facts.

Up-to-the-minute news and spirited editorials are only a fraction of the content available on this outstanding and informative site. There are convention write-ups, interviews, reviews and lots of features—pieces on everything from the future of anime to upcoming show lineups. Columnists with names like Ms. Answerman and The Encylopedist tackle topics like the Japanese storytelling style, best anime soundtracks, ethical fansubbing and what makes a good or bad voice actor.

ANN also provides an extensive reference section, complete with a lexicon of anime and manga terminology. Its encyclopedia of shows offers in-depth information (though the level of detail does vary from program to program) on hundreds of shows. A typical entry usually features episode titles, crew credits and listings of Japanese cast members as well as their voice-over counterparts in other countries. Some of the actor profiles go so far as to include birthday and blood type! There is also a calendar of events that covers conventions and film festivals across North America.

This is a highly interactive site, with polls, discussion forums, an IRC chat room and even the occasional contest. With its deep wells of information and the ANN's staff's steadfast devotion to all things anime, this is one web page that utterly deserves its cadre of loyal regular readers.