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Narcodex: A Drug-Free Initiative

Narcodex, the drug free initiative.

Narcodex is a drug-free initiative whose main purpose is to make information on drugs available to anyone around the world. It uses a special type of website, called a wiki, which makes collaboration easy. This is why, we, at Narcodex, encourage you to contribute to the information found on Narcodex.

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In the news: Drug Detox

Canadian Nutritionist Geoffrey Wardle
Canadian Nutritionist Geoffrey Wardle
Get Smart! The Narconon Detox Program Make You Mentally Sharper And Brighter, Says A Nutritionist.

Medical doctors and scientists around the world have commented on and written about the effectiveness of the Narconon Detoxification Program to rid the body of chemical impurities including drugs and pollutants. In fact, many studies have been written validating the Narconon Program and thousands of people worldwide have experienced relief from the harmful effects of drugs and other chemicals in their bodies. Click here to read more

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