Creebies, Dirk Spanner for N-Gage

At a press event this week in Lapland, we announced a new game for the N-Gage platform: Creebies, a virtual pet game that challenges you to raise and care for your very own Creebie. From the official release:

“Supplied with a trailer and some virtual cash, you can customize your new friend and home with various accessories. Soon, the 3D pet will take on its own personality and appearance based on the attention it receives. With care, the pet will grow and become more independent. However, make sure to keep an eye on its individual health meters, which will let you know when its hungry or feeling ill.”

You can also breed your Creebi with another player’s pet using Bluetooth connection, or send your Creebi to the adoption center on the N-Gage Arena. Creebies will be released for the N-Gage service early in 2008.

At the same event,  we showed another new N-Gage game, Dirk Spanner and the Fallen Idol, although a press release is not yet available for this game. N-Page however has put some information and a trailer, which you can view here (page is in German).