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STRAPPING YOUNG LAD To Release New EP - July 9, 2003
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD are preparing to release a new EP which is to include four new songs and four cover tunes. Among the cuts set to appear on the effort is a song called "Love", which is said to incorporate all of the heaviness of past STRAPPING YOUNG LAD releases with a bit of dark "Infinity" (solo project of SYL mastermind Devin Townsend) flair. STRAPPING YOUNG LAD have also agreed to appear on an upcoming MELVINS tribute album with their rendition of the song "Zodiac".

In related news, Townsend is working on a book entitled "Temperamental", which is being described as "a collection of random thoughts from the past 5-6 years. No word yet on when or how these writings will be used (CD insert, lyrics for a future project, or possibly a mail-order-only book).

Also on the Townsend front, Devin is currently working hard on the soundtrack for a video game for Interplay Entertainment called "Fallout", the third in a series. It is "stimulating his ambient side and he is finding it a nice challenge, though difficult to write with restrictions," according to Devin's official web site. "We have no idea at this time when the game will be available on the market."

In addition to the above endeavors, Devin has started a project called KERMIT with one of his engineers, Dan Kearley. "We hope to have a full record to be available as a bonus with the next [DEVIN TOWNSEND] record, which is already a few songs into the writing," reads a message on Devin's web site. "They are hoping that KERMIT will be a fun, live improvised multimedia thing."

Another project currently in the works is a "heavy metal puppet show," which involves many friends and colleagues, including Chris Valagao of ZIMMERS HOLE whose movie-effects work gave him experience with Frank Oz. "The aim will be to mix comedy and metal in short skits with, you know, evil sheep and all of the other things you would expect to see in a heavy metal puppet show," according to the site. "Many of the who's-who in metal have already agreed to appear. Devin has called the series 'Use Your Delusion' and will get to that when time allows. This isn't a priority but a future plan he is working on."
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COMMENT | I'm buying this
posted by : annarocket
7/9/2003 10:31:34 PM

because someone got me a clue about Devin Towsend!

And you know who you are,I'll let you know about that cagematch action. Seems Brit is a tad scared of me.....silly girl! As Bradley Nowell said..."It would be over in a minute...."

COMMENT | By the way....
posted by : annarocket
7/9/2003 10:32:19 PM

First AND second!

posted by : hcmetalguy
7/9/2003 10:43:58 PM



COMMENT | Devin is machine
posted by : Burning Ashes
7/9/2003 11:15:15 PM

I can't wait till new SYL. Hopefully it's not the last.

COMMENT | badass!
posted by : psychopomp
7/9/2003 11:47:37 PM

thats it

COMMENT | Can't get enough....
posted by : Psycold420
7/9/2003 11:49:14 PM

SYL rips shit up, I love City

COMMENT | Melvins tribute???
posted by : Aggroculture
7/10/2003 12:04:44 AM

Now THIS is exciting news: who's on it? Anyone know anything about this? Melvins have influenced everyone in the 90s that counts...

COMMENT | is it just me...
posted by : threak
7/10/2003 4:53:17 AM

...or does devin always have the best news!

COMMENT | Fallout:
posted by : RustedAngel
7/10/2003 8:24:27 AM

One of the most original rpg series ever. The new game is coming out early next year (apparently). This is going to make it even more appealing... Detox!

COMMENT | "heavy metal puppet show"
posted by : RustedAngel
7/10/2003 8:27:57 AM

damn, devin townsend rules.

COMMENT | this guy is unstoppable
posted by : Cliff_Mustaine
7/10/2003 9:39:16 AM


COMMENT | you're a nut devin
posted by : Turk
7/10/2003 10:40:40 AM

keep up the good work

COMMENT | puppet show
posted by : anonymous
7/10/2003 11:07:15 AM

is stealing a line from Crankyankers or something? I think the best medium for this show, if its get done, is probably Comedy Central.

COMMENT | I hope....
posted by : haunted
7/10/2003 1:29:38 PM

that devin isnt spreading himself too thin by his involvement in these projects. the records that he has released in the past have taken awhile to produce, and seems to me that he is doing a lot a once. anyway, i have full confidence that he will make some killer music like he has done previously.

posted by : Orgasmatron999
7/10/2003 2:00:10 PM

New SYL ep? Kick ass! I also hope Devin continues on with SYL in the future. He said before that SYL was finished but then they released their new album. I don't think he'll let SYL die. It's too much a part of him.

I Love you
I Love you
Fight, Fight, Fight!!!

posted by : The original Satans Ice Cream Truck
7/10/2003 11:47:54 PM

Another killer release to add to the collection. The guy is a machine..
I wonder who Anna was talkin about? ;)

posted by : annarocket
7/11/2003 11:23:08 AM

Now who could be smart,funny and respectful enough to get Anna's attention...........gee,that's a thought!

Things that make ya go Hmmmmm.

COMMENT | Do you have 50 cents?
posted by : annarocket
7/11/2003 3:25:13 PM

....the ice cream man is coming.......he has "special" ice cream! It makes you smart!

posted by : MySisterScarey
7/11/2003 10:08:31 PM

Stick me in that SYL/Devin crowd..I can handle hearing this!

posted by : The original Satans Ice Cream Truck
7/12/2003 1:14:52 PM

Ya make a guy blush...

posted by : annarocket
7/12/2003 9:19:18 PM

That's not all I can make a guy do.

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