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Tthe NSIDC Education Center offers educators and the public information on snow, ice, glaciers, sea ice, and other elements of the cryosphere. Linked below are more science resources from NSIDC that are especially appropriate for educators, students, and the general public. These resources include online map tools, video, printed and printable materials, photographs, animations, science news, and more.

Arctic Sea Ice News
A blog that tells each year's unfolding story of the fall Arctic sea ice melt, together with information on past sea ice news releases and Frequently Asked Questions about sea ice.

Atlas of the Cryosphere
Create online maps of snow, sea ice, glaciers, and more.

Good Days on the Trail, 1938-1942: Film Footage of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Read about the film and order a DVD, which features historical University of Colorado student alpine hikes in the Front Range mountains.

International Polar Year Poster
NSIDC helped produce this poster in celebration of the International Polar Year.

NASA: Supporting Earth System Science 2006
This annual publication highlights research that uses NASA Earth-observing data, including data from NSIDC. Articles explore research on habitat mapping, sea and lake ice, hurricanes, pollution drift, and more. Access the publication from the NASA Earth System Science Data and Services Web site.

View NSIDC Data on Virtual Globes: Google Earth
Use Google Earth™ software to view images of some of our most interesting scientific data on a virtual globe. View glaciers, sea ice, snow cover, ice shelves, and more.

Movie of Arctic sea ice in Google Earth (Quicktime, 93.8 MB)
Watch September Arctic sea ice extent from 1978 to 2006. For background on the importance of sea ice, see All About Sea Ice.

Repeat Photography of Glaciers Special Collection
Compare "then and now" photographs of glaciers as they change through time.

Larsen B Ice Shelf Collapse
View an animation of the 2002 collapse of an Antarctic ice shelf.

NSIDC Posters and Presentations
Sort a table of NSIDC staff posters and presentations by subject; look for "outreach/education" selections to find files and abstracts appropriate for a general audience.

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