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Museum of Science and Industry

BODY WORLDS 4: The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies

22nd February - 29th June
£10.00 - £11.50
£7.00 - £9.50
Under 5s
£29.00 - £34.00
Event times
10:00 - 18:00

Tickets now available to buy online
Extended opening hours Friday - Sunday until 9.00pm

BODY WORLDS 4 offers MOSI exhibition visitors an unprecedented encounter with the human body in its post mortal state!


A unique exhibition by the creator of the world's first anatomical exhibitions, Dr Gunther von Hagens, BODY WORLDS 4 is one of the most breathtaking exhibitions ever to be staged by MOSI.

BODY WORLDS 4 presents more than 200 authentic specimens, including both diseased and healthy organs and whole body specimens that have undergone Plastination - Dr von Hagens' groundbreaking method of halting decomposition and preserving the body after death for medical study.

The German scientist and physician invented Plastination in 1977, and the exhibition is the culmination of his 33-year career in anatomy. It includes the very latest techniques in Plastination, which are developed at Dr von Hagens' Institute for Plastination, in Heidelburg, Germany. All exhibited specimens are on display for the first time in the UK.

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Plastination is the process of extracting all bodily fluids and soluble fat from specimens and replacing them with vacuum forced impregnation with reactive resins and elastometers, such as rubber, silicon and epoxy. The specimen is then cured with light, heat or certain gases, which give it rigidity and permanence.

Visitors to the BODY WORLDS 4 will be amazed as they examine close-up the human body's role in everyday activities. The exhibition includes a particular emphasis on sport exercises.

The exhibition also features a rolling programme of lectures, workshops and school classroom activities, which will explore the issues surrounding BODY WORLDS, such as healthy living, anatomy, and the ethics of Plastination.

Previous BODY WORLDS exhibitions hosted in 45 cities across Europe, Asia and North America have attracted in excess of 25 million visitors.


Photography and Filming is not allowed in the Body Worlds 4 exhibition.

Ticket Prices

Adults: Monday - Thursday £10.00 / Friday - Sunday £11.50

Children/Youths 5-16 inc: Monday - Thursday £7.00 / Friday - Sunday £8.50

Over 65s/Students with ID: Monday - Thursday £8.00 / Friday - Sunday £9.50

Family Ticket (2 Adults & 2 Children): Monday - Thursday £29.00 / Friday - Sunday £34.00

Group discounts are also available in addition to tickets for individuals and families listed above.

Group Discount Tickets (10+ people)

Adults: £8.50 (Mon-Thu) £10.00 (Fri-Sun)

Children/Youths 5-16 inc: £5.50 (Mon-Thu) £7.00 (Fri-Sun)

Over 65s/Students with ID: £6.50 (Mon-Thu) £8.00 (Fri-Sun)

In addition, explanatory audio guides can also be purchased for BODY WORLDS 4.

Audio Guide Prices

Adults: £3.00

Children/Youths 5-16 inc: £2.00

Ideal for all ages
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