November 6, 2007

Say good-bye to Hollywood…

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 In today’s post we’ll look at how Hollywood is perpetuating it’s eventual demise (unless they make some radical changes) and how smart entrepreneurs can use the trends toward online media (especially internet video) and captailize on it…

If you’re the average American living in the U.S., you’ve no doubtedly heard about the Writer’s Strike in Hollywood.

Now, the purpose of this post isn’t to get into any type of political debate over strikes, unions, or any of that kind of stuff.  I do want to mention however, that this form of “collective individual” greed (notice I didn’t say “who” was being greedy) is going to hurt both the writers and the establishment in the short run until they resolve their differences…. and also in the long run…. (Remember what the MLBPA strike did for Baseball? Who won the World Series this year? Does anybody care?)

More importantly, and where this gets dangerous, is that it’s also hurting their customers.  Whether you are siding with the Writer’s or with the establishment, you have to realize that BOTH parties have a duty to the end user’s of their products (in this case the viewers).

With an increasingly ongoing trend toward online entertainment, entertainment on demand, and a society that is more likely to turn their computers on and their televisions off, it doesn’t seem that this is really the best move.  To borrow a cliche my mom always said, “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.” Duh!

But enough about those crazy people in Hollywood, let’s talk about how you, the internet entrepreneur can take advantage of this trend toward information on demand and online media…

I posted about this recently, but if you aren’t using online video in your marketing efforts, then just as Television, you are heading down a path of irrelevance and obsolesence (yes I do make up my own words!)…

Not only should you be creating online video (whether it’s for lead generation, sales, content delivery, etc.) but you should be focusing on multiple methods of delivery.  Plug into the distribution channels where large masses of people congregate.

YouTube and iTunes are two places that come to mind.  iTunes is not just for Brittany Spears (thank god!), you can host and sell information products there as well as your own “Channel” on You Tube.

I could go on and on here, but those bits of information is enough to get anybody started.

Online Marketers have been preaching that video on the internet is “the future”.

In the coming weeks (months and years), hundreds of millions of people will be turning off their television sets and looking for alternative sources of information, education, and entertainment…  will they tune in to you?

Say good-bye to Hollywood, say good-bye my baby…

Signed Brian T. Edmondson
Brian T. Edmondson

P.S. A great tool I use to upload all my videos to dozens of distribution sites is Traffic Geyser.  I’ve uploaded a video over a year ago, and it still ranks in the Top 10 of Google Video for a very competitive keyword phrase.  This tool saves me hundreds of hours in video submission time and comes with some really great training on using creating internet infomercials…

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