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Crystal Castles Reveal Debut LP Details

Having flown around the world on the wings of a few singles, Crystal Castles are ready to settle down on a slightly firmer foundation: the full-length record.

The band's self-titled long-playing debut is due February 19 from Last Gang Records, and sports 16 action-packed tracks, from their recent collaboration with L.A. noiseniks HEALTH to the slightly scandalous "Through the Hosiery". Indeed, Crystal Castles plan to spend a little time in the States with their friends in HEALTH come spring (dates TBA), following their current run of intercontinental dates through the rest of the year. [MORE...]

The Rumble Strips Postpone U.S. Dates

In the world of the Rumble Strips, there are good rumbles and bad rumbles. Good rumbles include things like the Stateside release today (November 27) of the upstart quartet's Alarm Clock EP and some accompanying U.S. tour dates. Bad rumbles include things like the band's recent postponement of said dates, which were to begin tonight.

The reason? According to management, "The U.S. dates have been postponed 'til the new year because the band are going straight back into the studio to start demoing new material for the 2nd album."

Fortunately for residents of the Strips' native UK, it's not all bad rumbles from the band; they have also scheduled quite a few new shows there. Think of it as a transatlantic make-up tour of sorts, and keep your eyes peeled for new U.S. dates in 2008. [MORE...]

Interpol Live, Remix EPs Available Right Now

Photo by Matt Ziegler

Today, right now, at this very moment, at select independent record stores, you will find a new Interpol record! Well, sort of. Interpol Live, the band's first officially released concert recording, is a six-song disc of live tracks culled from a set at London's Astoria Club this July.

It's a well-pared bunch: Turn On highlights "Obstacle 1" and "Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down" rub up against Admire's "Pioneer to the Falls", "Mammoth", "Rest My Chemistry" and "The Heinrich Maneuver". You'll want to check to see if your local noise emporium will be carrying the disc, and, if so, start movin'.

Also today, a remix EP creatively titled Our Love to Admire Remixed has showed up on iTunes. It includes that Phones remix of "The Heinrich Maneuver" as well as a take on that same track by the Scientist and a "Mammoth" rework by Erol Alkan.

In other Interpol news, the band is presently on a globe-spanning tour, though we're beginning to wonder if those photos they sent back from safari are Kosher. [MORE...]


Radiohead Announce First 2008 Dates

'Bout time, huh guys? Ending a few weeks of speculation regarding 2008 live engagements, Radiohead have announced the first of what we hope will be copious quantities of dates in the year to come.

As reported on and confirmed on the fest's respective websites, Thom Yorke and the gang will descend upon a pair of late June festivals in Germany, Southside and Hurricane. Both take place June 20-22, and it's not yet clear which Radiohead will play first, nor precisely when. The band previously rocked both fests (like a you-know-what) back in 2003.

And while we're talking, the fansite also notes that beloved Radiohead producer-guy Nigel Godrich joined his pal Beck at a not-so-secret performance Sunday, November 25 at Echoplex in Los Angeles. Godrich tapped keys and rattled tambourine for the duration of Mr. Hansen's set.

In Rainbows, meanwhile, hits North American stores January 1 via TBD/ATO, and UK shoppes the day before via XL. Discboxes are due to ship next week, although at least one lucky Radiophile already scored a copy. Oh right, and that catalog box the band didn't green-light, that's out December 10. [MORE...]

Kanye West Makes Nice With Evel Knievel

Another Pitchfork Media one-question multiple-choice exam:

1) The man with Kanye West in the above picture is:

A. Dan Deacon's dad.
B. The newest old white guy to give Kanye the rights to sample him.
C. Evel Knievel.
D. What Jay-Z really looks like.

Oh, come on! It's "C". It always is, remember?

But why on earth is Kanye posing for a photo op in Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel's Tampa, Florida home? Why, because the two have resolved the dispute started almost a year ago by Knievel's trademark infringement lawsuit over Kanye's "Touch the Sky" video.

It seems the whole case (officially titled Knievel and K and K Promotions, Inc. v. West, Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC, Chris Milk and AOL LLC) was settled out of court, as the rapper and the daredevil biker "amicably resolved and dismissed the case," according to a press release.

Kanye is currently on tour in the UK, with U.S. and Australian shows on the horizon. On stage in Belgium recently, he explained why he has stayed on the road despite the recent death of his mother, Dr. Donda West. [MORE...]

Bright Eyes' Oberst Forms Band With M. Ward?
Oberst sheds Bright Eyes moniker for two intimate shows

Conor Oberst and M. Ward go way back. Ward opened Bright Eyes' 2002 Lifted tour. He joined Oberst and Jim James a couple years later for their collaborative triptych trek. And when Bright Eyes serenaded Los Angeles with help from the LA Philharmonic a couple months ago, Ward was there.

So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone that Oberst and Ward have taken the next logical step with their musical relationship. They've allegedly gone and formed a band.

The news comes from an Omaha City Weekly report, which indicates Oberst and Ward's unnamed band plans to record an album next year. Representatives from neither Oberst's nor Ward's camps could confirm the collaboration, however. But given these guys' history, it falls a wee bit closer on the likeliness scale than, say, a Bright Eyes/Soulja Boy collabo.

The City Weekly bit also mentions a second Oberst side project set to record in 2008. This one finds our perennially bedheaded emoter working with Jake Bellows of Omaha act Neva Dinova. Bright Eyes and Neva Dinova, as you may recall, previously collaborated on the 2004 EP One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels-- so again, not exactly a shocka, even if this too has yet to be confirmed.

The picture may become a little clearer come December 29 and 30, as Conor Oberst takes the stage at Minneapolis' 400 Bar with nothing but the name his parents gave him. Well, that and "a different backing band," according to a Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune report. "Word from 400 Bar management," the report states, "is that Oberst wants it explicitedly known these won't be Bright Eyes shows-- i.e., he won't be doing any of those songs! He will be playing new material." We'll leave it to you super sleuths to put two and two together here.

Thanks to reader Marissa Malouff for the tips! [MORE...]

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals Line Up West Coast Tour

It's westward ho for Ryan Adams, who will pack his SPF 30 and however many Cardinals he can fit in his trunks and head to the left coast for a couple weeks' worth of dates in January.

Ryan, as you'll recall, has a new EP out, and is probably writing a song and/or doing something wacky right this very minute. [MORE...]

Lavender Diamond Join Traveling John Waters Xmas
Becky Stark lands role in Tom Hanks-produced film

Lavender Diamond photo by Akmal Naim

It's just one of those things that must be seen to be believed: L.A.'s gossamer folk act Lavender Diamond will join professional filmmaker/amateur goofball genius John Waters on a series of traveling Christmas variety shows he'll put on this holiday season. We're not so sure what these gigs will entail-- nor are we sure we'd want to ruin the surprise even if we did-- but if they're anything like that Christmas compilation John put out a couple years back, expect kitsch enough to last well into Easter.

And that's hardly the only forthcoming mingling of Diamond and celluloid. Lavender leading lady Becky Stark will, according to a report in recent Condé Nast Publications supplement "Movies Rock" (via The Playlist), appear in the Tom Hanks-produced, Bill Murray-starring film City of Ember. Stark will portray-- get this-- a member of "a singing troupe that brings hope to a town that's literally underground." Typecasting, anyone? The flick is being directed by one Gil Kenan, the man who brought you, um, Monster House. Look for it in late 2008. [MORE...]

Arcade Fire Add More 2008 Dates

Photo by Ryan Muir

Come February, the Arcade Fire will burn brightest in the land of the rising sun, as Bruce Springsteen's new best friends follow their stint on the traveling Big Day Out festival with a trio of Japanese dates. These gigs represent just about the furthest gaze into the band's future we've got at the moment. After a few days' recuperation from the jet lag, will the band be returning to the studio to craft LP3? Or could yet more revelatory live shows be in the cards? Eh, I hear the real money these days is in web design.

Thanks to Tiny Mix Tapes for the tip. [MORE...]

Coil Issue Naples as Vinyl Box Set With Bonus LP

The Ape of Naples, the 2005 Coil album assembled partially from late co-founder Jhonn Balance's final recordings, will see a vinyl box set release via Important Records on December 11.

The four LP set spreads the album out over three discs, each featuring laser etchings on their B-sides. The last disc is an exclusive full-length called The New Backwards, which consists of-- Avey Tare & Kria Brekkan style-- backward mixes of Coil tunes.

The set is limited to a run of 1500, and a poster is included in the package. [MORE...]

Weezer LP6 Site Declared Hoax, Alone Pushed Back

Hey, remember that new Weezer album that's coming out April 22? Well, it's not. A Weezer representative took to the Weezer website late last week-- on Thanksgiving, no less-- to debunk, the source of said release date and widely-reported album title Tout Ensemble.

"Weezer and Geffen Records have no affiliation with," the November 22 posting reads. "The new Weezer record is not called Tout Ensemble and there is no official release date yet for the album."

The folks behind have since updated their website with a message revealing the hoax; they've also used the publicity as an opportunity to launch a new Weezer fan forum. What, no RickRoll, guys? I'm disappointed.

Meanwhile, Alone, the collection of Rivers Cuomo's solo recordings, has been pushed back a week to December 18.

Simian Mobile Disco Hustle Into 2008 With More Shows
"Hustler" single due in U.S.

Photo by Nilina Mason-Campbell

"Hustler", the Simian Mobile Disco track with the creepy food-filled gross-out of a video, was released as a single yesterday in the UK via Wichita. To celebrate, the two Jameses have announced their first headlining shows of 2008, though they have plenty of dates with Klaxons and the Chemical Brothers to help them finish out this year.

None of the duo's current dates are in the U.S., but the "Hustler" single will make its way over on December 4 via Interscope. The Attack Decay Sustain Release single will come as both a CD and a 12", and the tracklists are slightly different than their UK counterparts, with remixes from A-Trak and Jesse Rose complimenting the previously available one by Armand Van Helden. [MORE...]
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