The thoughts of Andrew Fountaine - the original founder of the National Front



 This is a reprint of the first leaflet issued in 1952 by the National Front.  When read in conjunction with the second text (from 1980) it will be seen that the trend of British politics had continued without change with disastrous results for the Country.  It is clear that if major changes are not made, and made in the near future, the survival of the British people must inevitably be in doubt.     

At last the truth is out your country has been -- BETRAYED.

 In the seven lean years since the War, they said we won,  we have drifted from crisis to crisis.  If it isn't a dollar scare, then it's a panic call for rearmament in the face of the Russian menace.  The politicians still talk as if this is some sort of accident, something that just couldn't be avoided.  Thinking people, though are beginning to see through the bluff.  They realise that the Butlers and Gaitskells cannot really stop the rot.  They cannot cope with the situation for which their own party leaders are directly responsible.  It has gone beyond the balancing of budgets and the juggling of economic theories.  Instead of arguing about what they talk of doing, it will pay us better to consider what Churchill and Atlee between them have actually done.

The Facts of the crisis are clear enough. Before the war we managed to exist by the import / export system. Not that the system was entirely satisfactory... nevertheless it worked, largely because of "invisible exports," that is to say, the money which our investments abroad brought in.  We had vast overseas possessions, which of course, guaranteed the security and prosperity of these islands, if only we cared to develop them properly.

Today the cry is "Export or Die!" Frankly it looks as though we're in danger of dying.  Why?  Because every source of wealth is going, whether our foreign investments or our overseas possessions.  Poor and weakened we are crowded on to an island which just cannot produce enough food for us.  On the one side we are threatened by the armed might of Bolshevik Russia, while on the other we are in danger of complete enslavement to the financiers of Wall Street.

Who Was Responsible?  We know that the villain of the piece was ROOSEVELT, who was not, apparently, the kind benefactor of the British people he would have us believe.  This man was determined not merely to defeat the common enemy, but also to get rid of the British Empire. Thus, although Roosevelt was not prepared to enter the war at the beginning, he allowed us to fight on alone, and during that period we had to sell our foreign investments at knockdown prices to buy munitions from America, so we could hold the fort until America was ready to come to our assistance.

The Lend-Lease agreement was likewise no generosity, for it contained a clause designed to cripple our export trade all over the world, and it stopped dead the minute America had gained its victory.

Roosevelt's greatest political triumph was the destruction of Europe at Yalta, when he literally placed Russia in its present position by allowing the Russian Hordes to get to Berlin, Prague and Vienna, when the Allies could easily have got there first.  His advisers were all pro-Soviet and many of them remain in office in America to this day.  Yet Roosevelt's successors, Truman and Eisenhower, now expect the Europe which their system destroyed to help them in their quarrel with the Russian Imperialism which their system brought into being.

Never forget that the closest collaborator of Roosevelt during the war was the Prime Minister who must be held responsible for unnecessarily allowing this country to fall under American economic domination -- the man of Yalta,  WINSTON CHURCHILL.

Labour's Record was no better than that of the coalition Government when it came to surrendering British interests and truckling to the Americans.  They began by destroying two hundred years of endeavour in India by handing it over to  independence and fanatical self-massacre.  They wrote off years of heroic jungle fighting by plunging Burma into anarchy.  They started the same cowardly, simpering process of "freezing" the African colonies.  They accepted Marshall's generous gift of surplus American production and, when Roosevelt's successor had handed China on a plate to the Communists, they supported the phoney war in Korea.  Meanwhile they had sent top-secret aeroplane engines to Russia ...... One of the last acts of this pitiful administration was to surrender our oil supplies at the instigation of the American government.  The man we must hold responsible for that was Clement Atlee.

Is there a way out? Yes, there is, but it's a way out that's hard and it can only be faced by men and women who are brave enough and determined enough to win through.  Clearly, the only salvation for our country lies in getting back on our feet - and that means Running our own affairs.  It's no use sitting back and letting a set of discredited mountebanks continue to mess up your lives and those of your children.  It's even worse to let yourself be drugged by propaganda and think the Americans will save us, when we can thank Roosevelt and Co for the mess we are in.

Our country is capable of great things - we have an immense industrial capacity, we still have a large empire which is as rich potentially as America and Russia put together.  What is more important, we have some of the best inventors, designers, engineers and craftsmen.

We were not intended to work like slaves, scrounging for dollars to keep body and soul together.  Our children were not intended to be cannon fodder in some future war between America and Russia, with which we and the other countries of Western Europe have little or nothing in common.  Our fathers didn't place their reliance on a discredited, mongrelised United Nations Organisation, and they would expect us to live as they lived - proud, free, energetic and resolute.

But to do all this we must act as an organised movement, for the voices of individuals are soon drowned by the clamour of the parties, the actions of isolated enthusiasts come to nothing in a world of confusion, doubts and anxieties.  Something new is needed, all are agreed, but the new party must rise above the artificial divisions of today and appeal directly to the nation as a whole.  National unity is the key to National rebirth. This is The Only Way to preserve the traditions of the past and to make sure of the welfare and security of our people in the future .... it means a hard, tough struggle against heavy odds, but it means at last that we shall once again be living not as slaves, but as free men and women in our country with our future in our hands.


The second Andrew Fountaine address was made at the Annual General Meeting of the National Front Constitutional Movement on 15th November 1980.

The meaning of an Enemy


Man has five senses physiologically described, yet there is a sixth sense, ostensibly in rather short supply; it is called common sense.  By the year 1951 common sense was in decline which allowed the many arising problems to go unchallenged.  The decline of Englishness, the degradation of every standard, and the decay of Authority itself (from Buckingham Palace to the Bottle washers' Union) - everything was being corrupted  by the rottenness that is Britain today.  By 1951 the philosophy of the Farewell State - "All men shall be paid for their existence and none shall pay for their sins" - that destructive combination of Marxist politic and Freudian morality had undermined the fortitude of the populace; the great nation of shopkeepers had become the nation of shoplifters; the plunderer will having supplanted the warrior will; social security had eclipsed National security, and freedom had become a catchword for every form of licence to do as one will.


On Friday, February 8th, of Coronation year 1952, the National Front was created and the first British National Party formed. It had one cardinal and basic aim to which all other aims, policies, purposes and ambitions were subordinate.  It was and still is: To resurrect promote and canalise the spirit of Resurgence within every range of the national spectrum, and to combat the onslaught of conditioned decadence.  It is worth recalling that by 1952 the most prominent phenomena of the welfare society were the pacifist, the psychiatrist and the probation officer.

Yet in all terrible events, their causes and effects which have reduced Britain from its Imperial Splendour of 1940 to the domestic impotence of 1980, reason would be hard to isolate the work of the Hidden Hand: Yet, it was no Zionist plot which ultimately destroyed the economic basis of British Imperium; it was the polygot Englishman Winston Churchill who did this at Yalta and Bretton Woods.

It was no bankers' ramp which destroyed the British Raj in India or surrendered our strategic oil supplies in Abadan; it was the Englishmen Clement Atlee and Louis Mountbatten who did that.

It was no Bilderberger Chief who proclaimed Britain a Multi-Racial Society and imported two million fast-breeding Negroes to make it stick ; it was the renegade Scot, Harold Macmillan.

It was no International Conspiracy outside Parliament which annihilated Britain's aircraft industry and the employment of sixty thousand British workers;  It was the English traitor Harold Wilson who did this and more by scrapping the TSR2.  Wilson was the first instigator of mass-unemployment in the UK.

It was no Hidden Hand which betrayed the last remnant of our democratic sovereignty of the Crown, Parliament and people to the Common Market ( now EU); it was the English triple traitor Edward Heath, the thing that walks like a man, who did this.

It was not Henry Kissinger who betrayed a quarter of a million of our kith and kin to a black Marxist fate in Rhodesia; it was Heath's counterpart, the English political harridan Margaret Thatcher and her degenerate sidekicks, Carrington and Soames, who performed this act of sickening racial treachery - with royal approval. 

Nevertheless a Plan for World Domination does exist in tangible reality; an on-going execution of design which is already half way to completion.  Secret only in tactic, Clauswitzean in strategy, and as consistent as the Pole         Star.  It was announced by Lenin sixty years ago at the 3rd International of the Commintern when he projected the defeat of the West and the annihilation of its civilisation by non-military means.  He said:-

" With our right hand we will stretch out and spread subversion, pacifism and civil war among the nations of the West.  With our left hand we will shake the sleeping senility of the East, arouse them to resurgent nationalism to overwhelm the West.  " Stupid and decadent, the democratic leaders of the West will rejoice to co-operate in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends.  As soon as their guard is down we will smash them with our clenched fist." 

That threat should be nailed to the bed of every student, reporter and British Parliamentarian in the land.

This then is a declaration, the strategy and the major tactics of the New War by proxy; a war in which the Soviets have scarce fired an aggressive bullet, yet none the less have accomplished to date the slaughter of one hundred million non-communist persons without the loss of a single Soviet soldier. ( excluding World War 2).

Because this war is a contest of ideas and beliefs rather than bombs and bullets, both the initiative and the master weapon is in the hands of the Soviets, for in this type of psychological and religious warfare the success or failure of the Soviet enterprise depends absolutely upon their ability to change the minds of their opponents' governments and heads of state.  The master weapon at this moment in time can be seen having its most destructive effects, in the pacifism, cowardice and surrender tactics employed by Conservative administrations in Britain.  An effect which has seen all governments during the past 20 years, not only unwilling to seal this countries borders - but to actually embrace every nation-wrecking idea that Communists put forward.

Detente then is Soviet Russia's secret weapon - the deadly nerve-gas of self-induced surrender in the West.  Every conference is a battlefield of Communist strategic determination at all levels -- an inevitable Soviet-devised tactical victory.

The Commander of a besieged garrison who will not capitulate, yet who will not allow his troops to open fire on the besiegers, has surely found the most hideous means of suicide.  It is precisely this siege situation which Britain finds itself in today.  Her Commander is currently the surrendercrat Peter Carrington, and NATO the supposed military shield of the West, which is in reality no more than a wilting bamboo fence manured with dollars.

Britain's real enemies are of British origin -- the cowards, fools and traitors at the top.  They are the Soviets and other Communists secret weapon.