What genius Judge ruled not to put warnings on cans of tuna showing levels of mercury? Who gives a dang if it's natural or not naturally occurring mercury. You still need to warn 90% of the people who aren't going to take the time to educate themselves. If you put the warning on the cans, you'll educate a whole lot of people really quickly. Hence, the more people you have aware of the problem, the more they will push for regulations that will spawn (pardon the pun) more research money to investigate the problem or to invent a process to remove the mercury from caught fish (wouldn't that be a revelation). Sometimes you professors and law makers are thinking so hard and can't see the school for the fish. I'll close with a quote from the famous Mary Patrick "Lets all work together to do what's right."

maybe if the world knew about the harmful stuff in fish we wuldent eat so much. wich would cause for people to eat less fish and eventually result in a bigger fish population.

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