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"We do not want Scientology to be reported in the press, anywhere else than on the religious pages of newspapers. Therefore, we should be very alert to sue for slander at the slightest chance so as to discourage the public presses from mentioning Scientology."
-L. Ron Hubbard, quoted in the Evening Argus

Despite Ron's threats, a lot of articles have been printed about Scientology in the UK over the years.

These "favourites" are a personal selection. By clicking on different years in the list above, you can go to full listings of the articles from those years.

Sunday Times
28/Oct/1984 Sinking the Master Mariner The coup that took place after LRH's death; the infamous Mission Holders' Conference; mass defections; allegations of imprisonment and forced labour
Independent 09/Dec/1993 Cult prosecuted over safety of commune: Scientologists deny misleading council on 'overcrowding' A leaked internal document exposes violation of health and safety regulations in a Scientology building in Sussex.
Independent 31/Jan/1994 Prisoners of Saint Hill How scientology deals with its members going psychotic.
Evening Argus (Brighton) 28/Mar/1994 Secrets of Saint Hill  
Evening Argus (Brighton) 29/Mar/1994 Just the worst two years of my life  
Evening Argus (Brighton) 30/Mar/1994 How a Church aimed to sell itself  
Sunday Times 03/Apr/1994 Cult accused of intimidation Describes Eugene Ingram's 1994 visit to Britain and his targetting of several Scientology opponents.
Evening Argus (Brighton) 12/Apr/1994 Victims who are Fair Game The harassment of John Atack.
Evening Argus (Brighton) 10/Jun/1994 The Missing Word Investigation of Greenfields School and its concealed links to Scientology
Evening Argus (Brighton) 13/Jun/1994 Secret of a drugs 'cure' Comprehensive exposé of Narconon, its connection to Scientology and its dangers
The Net (BBC 2) 15/May/1995 Scientology versus the Internet Background to the raid on Dennis Erlich's home and the ensuing court case. Includes interviews with Helena Kobrin, Tom Klemesrud, Dennis Erlich and Shari Steele of the EFF.
Big Story (ITV) 13/Jul/1995 Inside the Cult This report mixes interviews (with high-level defectors and independent researchers) with footage obtained by taking a hidden camera into the Poole mission and into Saint Hill.
BBC Newsnight 17/Sep/1996 Scientology adverts Interviews and report followed by studio discussion, featuring Heber Jentsch, Ian Haworth of Cult Information Centre, John Wadham of NCCL and David Mellor MP.
Big Story (ITV) 28/Nov/1996 The S Files Focusing on financial allegations, criminal charges and suicides.
Sunday Times 19/Jan/1997 Hounded by the church of stars and hype Extensive reporting about the harassment of Bonnie Woods
Secret Lives (Channel 4) 19/Nov/1997 L Ron Hubbard (biography) Lengthy biographic documentary, featuring interviews with several close associates of Hubbard as well as archive footage and documents.
Daily Telegraph 20/Nov/1997 Detective on trail of TV pair Very good summary of the intimidation tactics used by Scientology against the team who made a Channel 4 documentary on the life of L Ron Hubbard.
Daily Telegraph 21/Sep/1999 Scientologists on trial for fraud, violence and quackeryMajor trials in France
Evening Argus (Brighton) 13/May/2000 Inside the ScientologistsReporter infiltrates for six weeks, quotes internal documents and also interviews Bonnie Woods
Observer 09/Apr/2006 Inside Scientology Lengthy undercover investigation reprinted from Rolling Stone
Independent 18/Apr/2006 The Secrets of ScientologyAn undercover report from East Grinstead
BBC Radio Five Live 02/Jul/2006 Five Live Report: Mind Games: Scientology vs. Psychiatry (Audio)Undercover investigation of Scientology's interference with help for disaster victims
Evening Standard (London) 23/Oct/2006 Tom's aliens target City's 'planetary rulers'Investigation uncovering the pseudo-military culture of Scientology and its hate campaign against psychiatrists
Sunday Times 07/Jan/2007 Revealed: how Scientologists infiltrated Britain's schoolsNarconon gets access to thousands of children in UK schools
Evening Standard 12/Jan/2007 How the Church of Scientology found its way into British politics / Labour given thousands by Scientology charity ABLE hires stalls at political party conferences
The Heaven and Earth Show with Gloria Hunniford (BBC TV) 13/May/2007 (Item about the Panorama documentary)Panorama editor Sandy Smith describes the pressure the film makers were under when investigating Scientology
Panorama (BBC TV) 14/May/2007 Scientology and MeReporter John Sweeney shows how the Church of Scientology tried to impede him from making a documentary about them

Other Countries: For an archive of US media, go to Ron Newman's media archive. For german press reports, go to Tilman Hausherr. Karin Spaink has some Dutch articles. Some articles from the Republic of Ireland have been included in this archive

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