Royal Brunei Armed Forces 2004


Nick Dowling


Headquarters Royal Brunei Armed Forces

          Gurkha Reserve Unit[1]

          Womens Wing

          Royal Brunei Land Force Headquarters

                   Special Combat Squadron [special forces]

First Battalion, The Royal Brunei Malay Regiment (Berakas)

                   Second Battalion, The Royal Brunei Malay Regiment (Tutong Camp)

                   Third Battalion, The Royal Brunei Malay Regiment (Penanjong)

                   Reserve Battalion, The Royal Brunei Malay Regiment

                   Support Battalion

                             Headquarters Company

Armoured Reconnaissance Squadron (16 Scorpion light tanks)

                             Engineer Squadron

          Royal Brunei Navy (Muara)

                   Fleet/Operation Division

Offshore Patrol Vessel Squadron

Nakhoda Ragamou class light frigates Nakhoda Ragamou, Bendahara Sakam, Jerambak

                             Missile Gun Boat Squadron

                                      Waspada class missile boats Waspada, Pejuang, Seteria                

                             Coastal Patrol Craft Squadron

                                      Perwira, Pemburu, Penyerang.

                             Support Squadron

Landing Craft: Damuan, Puni, Serasa, Teraban

26 fast assault boats (for riverine operations)

                                      5 long boats

                                      4 'Temuai'

                                      1 tug boat

                             Diving Squadron

                      Administration Division[2]

                   Support Division

                             Engineering Department

Hull Engineering Section

Base Engineering Section

Marine Engineering Section

Weapons Engineering Section

                             Quartermaster Department

                             Transportation Department

                             Logistic Support Store

                   Training Wing

                             Warfare Training School

                             Naval Technical Training School


Royal Brunei Air Force

                   Operation Wing (Brunei International Airport)

          1 Squadron (Bell 212, Bell 214 helicopters)

                   2 Squadron (BO105CB helicopter)

                             4 Squadron (S-70A Blackhawk helicopter)

                             5 Squadron (CN-235 transport Aircraft)

                             Parachute Airborne Tactical Delivery Unit

                             Fire Fighting Unit

Air Regiment

                             33 Squadron (Rapier SAM)

                             38 Squadron (Mistral SAM)

                             Base Defence Squadron[3]

                             Technical Training School

                   Logistics Wing

                             Engineering Squadron

                             Supply Squadron

                             Technical Equipment Maintenance Department

                   Training Wing

3 Squadron/Flying Training School (PC-7 Mk2, Bell 206B Jet Ranger)

                             Air Technical Training School

Standard and Evaluation Squadron[4]

                   Administration Wing

                             Physical Training Section

                             Pay Office

                             Regimental Police

                             Military Transport

                             Civilian Office

          Royal Brunei Service Force

                   Headquarters Company

                   Headquarters Land Engineering

                   Signal Squadron

                   Logistics Depot

                             Store Sub-Depot

Return Store Sub-Depot

Ammunition Depot

Stocktaking and Reconciliation

Support Group

Logistics Store Section

                   Force Transport

                   Bolkiah and Penanjong Workshops

                   Womens Company[5]

                   Land Technology Training School

                   Royal Brunei Armed Forces Band

Medical and Dental Services

                   Military Police Unit

                   Royal Brunei Reserve Unit

                   Royal Brunei Armed Forces Museum

          Royal Brunei Armed Forces Training Centre

                   Recruit Company

                   Course Company[6]

                   Officers Education Development Wing[7]

                   Military Cadets

                   Boys Company[8]

                   School of Studies[9]

                   Range Control Organisation           

Administration Company


British Forces

Second Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles (Seria)[10]

          7 Flight, Army Air Corps (Bell 212 helicopters) (Seria)

          Jungle Training School (Seria)


Singapore Forces

          Jungle Training School




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[1] Responsible for guarding oil installations and may also protect the Royal Family.

[2] Includes Headquarters, manpower, pay, housing, religious affairs recreational, medical and dental, fire Section and regimental police elements

[3] Provides ground defence and security for the Air Force’s base at Brunei International Airport and forward operating bases

[4] Responsible for training flying instructors and overseeing adherence to set operational standards throughout the Air Force

[5] Provides management support for trained female personnel.

[6] Consists of 6 wings, each of which specialises in teaching a particular miliary specialisation.

[7] Most instructors in this wing are on secondment from the British Military

[8] Boys Company appears to be a full-time cadet program, drawn from the best performing cadets in junior secondary schools.

[9] Runs language training courses for RBAF personnel and provides secondary education for members of the Boys Company.

[10] The two battalions of the Royal Gurkha Rifles Regiment rotate between Britain and Brunei on a three yearly basis. It is unclear exactly how much control the Brunei Government has over this battalion.