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      AlGahiz's Anecdotes of the Miserly Series
    Editor : Adel Salamah
    Illustrations : Ibrahim Samrah
    Pages : 16, Full Color
    Size : 17cm × 24cm
    Hard Cover & Paperback
    Age group : 8-12
    ISBN : 977-14-1020-2
    AlGahiz was one of the most prominent literary figures during the Second Abbassid era, a high point of Arab culture, and his work remains influential today, delighting children and adults alike. This collection of tales in which he portrays miserliness as an evil quality, is one of his best known works.
    AlGahiz's lively style and rich language encourage readers to laugh as he makes fun of misers in different situations, all the while, of course, subtly discouraging immitation.


    1- The Miser and the Lamp.
    2- The present of a Miser.
    3- The cloth of a Miser.
    4- The Banquet of a Miser.
    5- The Greedy Mule.
    6- The Fish of a Miser.
    7- Soup from Syria.
    8- The Weird Banquet.
     “Never” on a Spaceship
    Author : Mandy Fessenden Brauer
    Illustrations : Ahmed Soliman
    Pages : 32, Full Color
    Size : 22.5 cm × 22.5 cm
    Hard Cover & Paperback
    Age group : 8 - 12
    ISBN : 977- 14- 3208- 7
    A mira has to write a story for Mr. Farid’s class which she calls “Never” on a Spaceship. Her adventures are enhanced and expanded by the delightful illustrations which take the reader still further on this imaginary journey to a destination where “never” does not always mean “not ever” and where seemingly impossible dreams can become reality. This book is ideal for teachers and others to read aloud to encourage children’s creativity and the use of imagination.
     A Day in the Life of an Elephant
    Author : Magdy Naguib
    Illustrations : Magdy Naguib
    Pages : 28, Full Color
    Size : 24.5 × 33
    Hard Cover & Paperback
    Age group : 5-8
    ISBN : 977-14-2436-x
    The story tells about a day in the life of a young, innocent elephant who wants to play with friends who are not elephants. However, he is shocked when they refuse to play with him because he is different from them. This story gives children full rein to imagine living with friends from the animal world. The book has colorful illustrations that bring the story to life, teaching children about differences and the importance of acceptance.
     A Job for Mama
    The author is an award winner of The Suzanne Mubarak Prize
    Author : Fatema EL-Maadoul
    Illustrations : Rabab Hakem
    Pages : 20, Full Color
    Size : 22 cm × 22 cm
    Hard Cover
    Age group : 6-8
    ISBN : 977-14-3210-9
    The Egyptian father in our story goes to work in a Gulf country to make more money. At first, he sends a sum of money regularly. Gradually that sum decreases until he stops sending money completely. The mother worries about the lack of means to support her children. Out of despair the mother starts looking for a job but can not figure out where to start. Amazingly her children show great responsibility and give her plenty of support. With that wonderful spirit that binds the family, how did the children help their mother? Live the story through the real material used in drawings and illustrations. Get to know the Egyptian culture and discover who the hero of the story is.
     A Journey with Minute Creatures Series
    The series is an award winner of The Suzanne Mubarak Prize
    Author : Dr. Zeinab Shehatah Mahran
    Editor : Adel Salamah
    Illustrations : Ibrahim Samrah
    Pages : 16, Full Color
    Size : 20 × 28
    Hard Cover & Paperback
    Age group : 8 - 12
    ISBN : 977-14-1347-3
    A Journey with Minute Creatures Series consists of stories that mix science with fiction. The author, a nutritionist, presents scientific knowledge to children in an imaginary setting. Thus, children get to know the tiny creatures that live invisibly all around them.
    Each story presents a new science fiction adventure in which Ahmed, Usama, Mona, and Hoda, use a supernatural liquid that changes them into microscopic creatures. The heroes, get supernatural powers from that potion which enables them to live in any environment no matter how harsh, while, at the same time, learning more and more about those omnipresent Minute Creatures.
    Titles in this Series:

    1- A Journey with Ido
    2- A Journey with Baqti
    3- A Journey with Khamiro
    4- A Journey with Tahloub Al Akhdar
    5- A Journey with Viro
    6- A Journey with Rizzo
     A Mouse in Our House
    Author : Fatema EL-Maadoul
    Illustrations : Hussein El-Nimr
    Pages : 24, Full Color
    Size : 22.5 cm × 22.5 cm
    Hard Cover & Paperback
    Age group : 6-8
    ISBN : 977-14-3576-0
    Suddenly a small mouse appeared in the family house. In the beginning the matter was taken simply. After all he is just a small mouse and getting rid of him must be quite easy. With time the family was unable to get rid of the mouse who became a nuisance. He was fooling around with papers and clothes, turning everything around, running here and there causing a big mess. It is a story about a small naughty troublemaker mouse…but he is a lot of fun
     A New Dream
    Author : Afaf Tabbala
    Illustrations : Hanadi Saleit
    Pages : 48, Full Color
    Size : 22.5 cm × 22.5 cm
    Hard Cover & Paperback
    Age group : 6 - 10
    ISBN : 977-14- 3533-7
    Do you have dreams that you would like to come true? Do your dreams seem impossible? Badoo, Seila, and Marmar are three friends whose dreams seemed impossible. They began to think, reflect, and cooperate until the impossible became doable.
     A Story of a Stone!
    Author : Ayman Abdel Hamid
    Illustrations : Salah Besar
    Pages : 88, Full Color
    Size : 20 cm × 28 cm
    Hard Cover & Paperback
    Age group : 8 - 12
    This book sheds light on the role of stones in the lives of the prophets and pious figures mentioned in the Holy Qur’an until the present day. The book is written in an attractive narrative style encouraging children to read about the 17 stones telling their own stories starting from Cain and Abel until the role stones play in the Intifada. The book moves from one age to the other connecting the past with the present.
    The author, amazed by the influence of the inanimate objects in the life of Man, uses these stories to illustrate the values of Beauty, Benevolence, and Love.
     A Train that Does Not Tuuuuut
    Author : Amal Farah
    Illustrations : Ahmad Farouk
    Pages : 24, Full Color
    Size : 23 cm × 23 cm
    Hard Cover& Paperback
    Age group : 6 - 10
    ISBN : 977-14-3447-0
    This is an amusing story talking about a child and her grandmother. The girl did not follow the healthy diet rules. She prefers to eat certain kinds of food and refuses to eat others. The grandfather used a persuasive way to change the girl’s behavior using a game with a train and a bunch of balloons. How can that be?
     Allah is Everywhere
    The illustrator is an award winner
    Author : Fatema EL-Maadoul
    Illustrations : Ahmed Soliman
    Pages : 20, Full Color
    Size : 20 cm × 20 cm
    Hard Cover
    Age group : 6 - 8
    ISBN : 977-14-2905-1
    This is a story about a rabbit, a giraffe and a tortoise. The rabbit finds a ball and wants to play with the giraffe, but the giraffe takes the ball and refuses to give it back. The rabbit threatens to tell their forest friends, but the giraffe says they won’t care. Then the rabbit says he will complain to Allah (The Almighty God). Find out how the giraffe reacts to the rabbit’s final threat. Does the giraffe play with the rabbit at the end? And what about the role of the tortoise? This story teaches children that there is a higher power they can always seek, and that this power of Allah is everywhere, even if it can’t always be seen.
    Showing  1  - 10 of  78   Results

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