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22 COMMENTS » | Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

Mind Of Mannie

mannie.jpgEnough with the shit talking. Today we’re gonna get back to educating you batches.

A lot of northern haters like to act like the third coast’s rise to prominence just happened out of the blue. Like one day, around 1997, everyone south of the mason dixon decided to pick up a mic and an 808 and start banging out “Laffy Taffy”s and “What You Know”s. What you don’t know is that it has been bubbling for a minute. While the rappers are usually youngin’s (like they probably should be), the beat is often laced by a vet in the game, an artists who’s been knocking out beats since most of their current fanbase was in diapers.

Most of the big name ATL producers and DJs - Collipark/Smurf, Toomp, Lil Jon - all put in more than a decade of work in the bass scene. Three Six have been putting out undergrounds since the early 90s. Most of Beats By The Pound, the super production team that propelled No Limit to fame, have their roots in traditional NO bounce. And of course the H-Town roots run deep with the Rap-a-Lot team (NO Joe, Mike Dean).

And, yes, children (and babies) trust that Mannie Fresh has been down since the dawn. Fresh’s DJing days date back to the mid-80s with New York Incorporated but got his break when he linked up with Gregory D of the Ninja Crew, dropping a handful of bass and proto bounce hits and eventually getting signed to RCA (and flopping…). Around the same time Mannie was making moves in the burgeoning bounce community, and becoming the in house producer for Cash Money, where he spent half a decade banging out several locally acclaimed full lengths before finally breaking with Juve’s “Ha” in 98.

Here are some of Mannie’s joints with Gregory D and some of his lesser known productions for the first wave of the Cash Money roster.

Listen to Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh - “Throwdown”

from Throw Down LP (D&D, 1987)

Listen to Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh - “Buck Jump Time”

from D Rules The Nation (Yo!, 1990)

Listen to Gregory D - “10 Years”

from The Real Deal (RCA, 1992)

Listen to B-32 (bka Baby) - “I Need A Bag Of Dope”

from I Need A Bag Of Dope (Cash Money, 1993)

Listen to PxMxWx - “Mo Bounce”

from Legalize, Pass The Weed (Cash Money, 1993)

Listen to Mr Ivan - “Ruger 9″

from 187 In A Hockey Mask (Cash Money, 1994)

Listen To Pimp Daddy - “Pimpin’ Ain’t EZ” f/ BG, Baby & Mannie Fresh

from Pimpin’ Ain’t EZ (Cash Money, 1995)

Listen To B.G.’z - “True Story”

from True Story (Cash Money, 1995)

Listen to UNLV - “Drag Em N Tha River”

from Uptown 4 Life (Cash Money, 1996)

(the last two are shots at Mystikal and his label at the time, Big Boy)

Cash Money Discography



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May 24th, 2006
at 10:29 am

bhillboy says:

i’ve been waiting for somebody to bring this up. i picked up this album in 1991 or 1992 while i was stationed in germany in the army.- i’m all grown up.- i bought it because they had on the saints jerseys and stuff and i wanted to check em out. i thought gregory d’s screamin was a little much but that mannie fresh had some ill production. i always wondered what happened to him then in like 96 or 97 this chick had the bigtymers first cd in her car and i heard “cutless, monte carlos. and regals” and it brought it all back for me. i like a good deal of todays hip hop but having experienced all of these different highlights make me appreciate the old school even more.


May 24th, 2006
at 10:40 am

khal says:

yeah I read about this in XXL or Scratch a while back, but didn’t know where I could find his late 80s product. Good looking out.


May 24th, 2006
at 12:13 pm

N.O.SeanPaul says:

Thanks! A much needed history lesson on Southern Hip Hop. For all yall hataz, we been kickn up dust for a long time now (See ya at the next ‘2nd line’)….Noz you should have included at least one song off the classic BG “Chopper City” album.

New Orleans Stand Up!!
Get yo FEMA Man!!


May 24th, 2006
at 1:43 pm

BELIZE says:

UNLV!!! Oh shit..good shit PYMP, not many cats know about them, too bad most of them passed away already…r.i.p.


May 24th, 2006
at 3:46 pm

Mrs Damian Marley says:

You can’t leave out Juvie’s classic Soulja Rags


May 24th, 2006
at 3:52 pm

bol says:

noz, can i carry your weed?


May 24th, 2006
at 9:08 pm

allnice says:

Glad somebody is shedding light on the real southern innovative cats. Some of that southern vibe is pretty good.


May 25th, 2006
at 12:14 am

Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN says:

I always thought alot of people knew that Mannie was old school. Or at least they can group-drop that he produced for UNLV, but that still isn’t bad.

“Mannie Fresh, AKA Willis”
“Willis who?
“Willis dick fit in yo mouth boo? Pimpin ain’t easy”


May 25th, 2006
at 11:46 am

lukee lefty says:

im from NYC and i new Mannie been around for a minute

he did step his producing game up though, if he didnt there is no cash money


May 26th, 2006
at 12:58 am

Motelsicks says:

the link
for Gregory D - “10 Years”
Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh - “Throwdown”

as you were


May 26th, 2006
at 8:15 am

noz says:



May 26th, 2006
at 9:42 am

DJ N-Credible says:

That boy Mannie is a bad mutha shut yo mouth…im only talkin bout mannie…the dude is creative and one of the best in the game…I am a New Orleans native, specifically a EAST BEAST…but I was really inspired by that dude…I hope I could follow the same career path b/c I have a lot of ideas and sounds in my head I just need access to the EQ so I could get this show on the road and bless you fools with some ultra sounds…preach…


May 26th, 2006
at 11:31 am

Scott says:

Great post. I’ve been trying to track down that Mr. Ivan album for a while.

I wonder if Mannie may have the most hip-hop production credits ever? He’s been producing his ass off for almost two decades.


July 9th, 2006
at 7:38 pm

velli504 says:

that shit bring me back brah, it was real wild around that time…murder capitol, herion just hit the scene…alot of people was get merked off ya heard me…its realer than people think in the N.O.


July 12th, 2006
at 11:51 pm

adrienne says:

UNLV that was a hot group yella boy killed it on “drag em n tha river” that’s probably one of my fav songs that disses someone i have no pro. wit mystikal but yella boy killed it on that song


August 19th, 2006
at 11:22 pm

ddd says:

mannie is the greatest


September 19th, 2006
at 10:36 am

westcoast nigga says:



September 23rd, 2006
at 11:52 pm

UptSugeNight says:

Yella Boy,

legend on Pac and biggie level batch. If Baby wouldn’t have hated on him, yall would’ve never heard of Lil Wayne.


September 23rd, 2006
at 11:56 pm

UptSugeNight says:

I need that UNLV “Rape You For Your Life”. That was the shit for all real Uptown Niggaz in the N.O.. Sixth &Dryades St. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYTTTTTCCCCCCCHHH!!!!!!


November 16th, 2006
at 5:23 pm

N.O.survivor78 says:

That “BUCK JUMP TIME” is real shyt, playa… That tells the story of how real New Orleans was… That song started TOO many fights..

Who from that N.O. remember that WYLD “Ozzie Ward” Competition.. Hollygrove was about to win, then the Lower 9th ward ended up winning it..

The N.O. was no joke….


April 1st, 2007
at 6:49 pm

New Orleannnnnzzzzz!!! says:

Talk About It Nicca!!!!!


April 15th, 2007
at 10:48 am

Yeah haey Yeah says:

Mannie Fresh hasn’t had any sense since he started rapping. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the tightest pimp of them all.” LOL


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