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PEGI Rated 12+

Playable Demo
55.21MB (09-Sep-2004 15:20) Demos

The most addictive game of the year!

Developed by Supersonic, Mashed is receiving high praise in the press and is already being hailed as the most addictive game of the year by the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine. It has just featured in their Could be a Classic section.

Mashed Patch V.1.1
1.21MB (29-Jun-2004 16:26) Patches

Fixes problems with the taunt function in the game.


Official Trailer
1.59MB (16-Jun-2004 17:17) Movies

Official Trailer/ Preview for MASHED. Check it out!

7.75MB (16-Jun-2004 17:12) Other

GET MASHED!! Download the latest MASHED wallpaper for your desktop, choose between different styles for 800 x 600, 1024x768 and 1280 x 1024 resolutions.

Any issues regarding Keyboard / Joystick use or configuration within the game.

If you are using a keyboard to play Mashed and you are finding you can't perform some moves in the game, this is likely to be a keyboard buffer problem. This means too many keys are being held down at the same time and some commands are not being recognised. This can be resolved by redefining the keys to something other than the default set-up.

Controller set up for the game. ( keyboard / Gamepad )

1.The game will only work with game pads and keyboard no other controller, steering wheel / joystick cannot be used.

2.Ensure that the gamepad is installed in Windows, has the latest drivers installed from the manufacturers website and is recognised as make and model, status is set as ok and it has been calibrated.

3.Install the software, from the main menu go to configure game settings > set up controllers
The game pad should be shown in the Player 1,2 or 3 option depending on the number of pads installed. The keyboard will always be set as the final player. You can reconfigure the keys of the controller using the reconfigure option if you require.

4.When you go to start the game use the controller you want to be set as default to navigate the in game menus and press the associated buttons on the controller to set up and start the software. If you want a single player to be keyboard then navigate the menus and start the game using the keyboard, if you want single player to be gamepad then navigate the menus and start the game using the game pad.
This will be reflected in the Single Player option set up screen as either keyboard or gamepad icon when you configure the car / game settings.

Note: In Multiplayer all the icons of the installed controllers will be shown.
Any Graphics Card Compatibility issues.

Mashed has been designed to play on Graphics Card with 32MB or more of memory. Please ensure your graphics card meets the minimum memory requirement.

Please Note:
The following card(s) have known issues

Matrox Parheila -

The car shadows in-game are drawn as white shadows rather than black. Unfortunately there is no fix or work-around for this problem other than turning the shadows OFF from the configuration screen.

Are there any issues regarding Virtual Memory?

Please ensure you have enough free hard disc space to enable the Windows Virtual Memory to perform optimally.

Typically you should have about 500MB of free space on your hard disc.

Are there any updates for the game?

Please see the download section.
Are Steering Wheels supported in this game?

No, only game pad and keyboard peripherals can be used with this game.
I receive the following error message: The file OLEAUT32.DLL is out of date while trying to install the game?

Please install the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Microsoft website.

Please see link below:

Explorer Downloads
Any issues regarding Windows 98?

The Taunts feature currently does not work on Windows 98/ME. There will be a patch available soon to fix this problem, please see the download section.
I have Mashed on my PC. The game opens with Active movie window and then as the movie ends it drops out with "Mashed.exe has caused a problem and needs to close" or "Could not run the DirectShow graph! hr=0x887601c2". How can I resolve this issue?

To resolve this issue you will need to install Active Movie codecs that are not installed on your computer. These can be downloaded from the link below:

Active Movie Codec Download

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Instructions for downloading:

Left Click on the download link (highlighted in blue). Select "Save Target As...". In the "Save In" section of the Save window select Desktop, and then click "Save".

This will activate the download which will be saved to your Windows Desktop. Once the file has been downloaded onto your hard drive, double-click on the file and follow instructions.

NOTE: If a link for the download is not displayed then please check the "Ad Blocking" option which is part of your Internet Security Application.

You will require Winrar to be installed on your PC to be able to open the file. This software can be downloaded as a trial version, free of charge from the Rarlab Website.

When the download screen appears double left click on English from the list of countries to activate the download. When the file has downloaded to your desktop double left click on the file to install the software.

The manuals for the products are PDF files you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these. Click here to download.

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