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Geoff Rodkey

Geoff Rodkey

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Geoff Rodkey is the writer of seventeen unproduced screenplays and the films RV, Daddy Day Care, and The Shaggy Dog (co-written with nine other screenwriters).

Prior to his film career, he wrote political satire. His first book, Newtisms (1995), shipped a first printing of nearly half a million copies, dozens of which were purchased by readers. From 1995-97, he was a research assistant and writer for Al Franken, most notably in the book Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot. He was fictionally deceased for a brief period in early 1996, following which he wrote and edited America On-Line’s “The Hub” channel election coverage. Slampaign ’96! In 1997, he received an Emmy nomination for his contributions to Politically Incorrect’s broadcasts from the Democratic and Republican conventions on Comedy Central.

In 1993, he co-wrote (with future Simpsons producer J. Stewart Burns) the Beavis and Butt-head episodes “Cow Tipping” and “Health Club.” This remains his proudest career accomplishment.

He blogs intermittently at www.roadkillpapers.com and is a co-founder of Al Franken’s Former Research Assistants for Truth (AFFRAFT).

Blog Entries by Geoff Rodkey

Dumb Clucks and Greedy Bastards: the Writers' Strike in Three Easy Sentences.

3 Comments | Posted December 25, 2007 | 03:34 PM (EST)

East Coast Strike Report, Day 51:

On Christmas Eve, my mom asked me to explain the writers' strike to her. Which is understandable, because the media coverage usually obscures rather than illuminates an extremely simple conflict. I was able to sum up all the salient issues in three easy sentences,...

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East Coast Strike Report, Day 10

3 Comments | Posted November 15, 2007 | 05:00 PM (EST)

I write movies for a living, and 11 days ago my union went on strike. So far, it's been great. I'll be honest: this is the most fun I've had at work since I went to the premiere of my first movie.

About a week before we...

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Books I Wish The President Had Read

Posted August 2, 2006 | 04:56 PM (EST)

Six years into his presidency, it is a fact well established that the President isn't much of a reader.

While the perils of book-smart presidencies are well established in histories of the Carter administration and on Republican talk radio several times a day, it does seem a bit odd to...

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