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GenderStats is an electronic database of gender statistics and indicators designed with user-friendly, menu-driven features. It offers statistical and other data in modules on several subjects. The data in each module is presented in ready-to-use format. Users have the option of saving the country views in Excel (or another spreadsheet software) to customize them for their own reports.

GenderStats is updated continuously as new information becomes available. The database is work in progress and its coverage has been expanded to include themes that range from health and education to political participation and poverty.

Sex-disaggregated data for some themes are limited. The database includes indicators for which sex-disaggregated data are in many cases unavailable to point out the importance of collecting such data in a disaggregated form. This often can be done at the source of collection.

Data sources for GenderStats include national statistics, United Nations databases, and World Bank-conducted or funded surveys.


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