Hopeful Innovative Solutions


Preserving our natural resources for future generations is a critical priority. As a matter of personal and collective integrity, we need to stand up for the environment by initiating and supporting policies that emphasize sustainability through innovation and collaboration. Rejecting the false dilemma that pits economic growth against environmental stewardship, we should focus on solutions that achieve both of these important goals. Cleaning our air and water, securing wildlife habitat and open space, safeguarding the health and safety of our children, and promoting economic opportunity can be accomplished through fair policies based on cutting-edge scientific and technological advances and a spirit of working together.

This framework should replace attempts by Bush and his administration to roll back decades of bipartisan progress in protecting our environment, and their catering to the oil and gas industry and its army of lobbyists. A sound strategy for protecting our environment needs to include:

  • Restoring the vital regulations of the landmark Clean Air Act
  • Defending the Clean Water Act
  • Expanding community-based recycling
  • Reducing pollution
  • Standing up to special interests’ exploitation of woodlands and wetlands

Vote for Jared Polis on August 12th, 2008