alan lee drawing on journal of mythic arts

One of my favorite websites, the Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts has relaunched their website as the Journal of Mythic Arts. It looks lovely! I especially love the Alan Lee drawing of Titania that graces their new-and-improved home page.

JoMA’s co-editor Terri Windling explains:

“As Web technology changes and evolves, we’re changing too to keep up with the times. We’re switching JoMA from its old hand-coded format, which — due to being labor-intensive to produce — limited us to four issues per year . . . So instead of quarterly issues, we’ll now be presenting new articles, poems, stories and art on a regular basis, all year long. Each new piece will be announced on this blog, which (as of tomorrow) will include links to all of JoMA’s new pages. And it will now be possible for readers to leave comments about the pieces. There will also be links to JoMA’s archives, where past material will still be easily accessible.”

Visit the Journal of Mythic Arts here.

As a side note, I hope everyone’s halloween was wonderful! And now back to working on the New Book — I’m currently writing about yet another queen associated with Alexander the Great. So far, I’ve written about Olympias, Roxane and Thessalonike — have one more to go before I return to writing about an empress associated with fin de siecle Vienna. Their life stories are all fascinating and, in the case of Olympias, bloodcurdling. Which seems appropriate for this dark season.

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